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927 is a particularly dynamic and efficient rock quintet.
The influences are diverse and varied but all the musicians are in perfect harmony on tracks by Slash, Téléphone, Hendrix and many others.
The idea : 2 buddies, Laurent (aka Lolo), bass player and Marc (aka Marc), drummer, decide one day (or maybe one night) to create a rock band... Or rather to create THE rock band of the Riviera.
For that a long series of casting is organized until the day when our two companions find Tony, guitarist soloist with the transcendent melodies and the feeling of fire.
Then came Rash, charismatic singer, frontman, showman, no doubt it is the man of the situation, his voice reminds the good old rock of the 70/80s.
Finally to complete the group, at the chance of a jam on Jumping Jack Flash in the northern districts of Nice, Patrice, musician of weight, integrates the group as rhythm guitarist.
The line-up is thus formed and the strong experience of the musicians makes that 927 occurs almost immediately on the stages of Nice, and not of the least, Sezamo, Staccato, Telethon...
Today 927 has a repertoire of rock cover songs, but also compositions with lyrics in English as well as in French.

  • Genre Covers & Compositions
  • Styles Rock

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