Addikt (Vallauris)


Addikt is the fruit of a musical encounter between Karin, Anne, Phil and Jean-Claude. Anne, Phil and Jean-Claude had already played together in a rock cover band, and it was only natural that Addikt took off when Karin joined them. From their very first concert in April 2016, the band received a very warm welcome from an enthusiastic local audience that hasn't left them.
The band's reputation is growing with concerts in some of the region's most notable venues, including Pubs in Antibes, Harley du Coeur (3 performances), music festivals, and in towns across the region (Nice, Vallauris, Théoule, Chateauneuf, Villevieille, etc.).
The group's rock expression and stage charisma are its trademark. The band is increasingly popular with the public. The overflowing energy of these four artists, combined with their complicity, attracts an ever-loyal and ever-growing audience.

It's with passion that we watch them bring their project to life, and follow them, carried away by their enthusiasm.
Addikt, more rock than ever, is already pursuing its projects, which will be unveiled shortly.

  • Genre Covers
  • Styles Blues, Pop, Pop Rock, Southern Heavy Stoner
  • Repertoire Marilyn Manson, Soft Cell

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