Arsene Obscene and the Loozers

ARSENE OBSCENE AND THE LOOZERS was founded in 2019 in Nice on the ashes of MOTALOZER and ELECTRIC MORMONS. At the base exists the solo project of Arsène Obscène, which started in 2009 in parallel of his other bands, with notably the release of an EP in the USA on Slovenly Recordings. This project was oriented "Bedroom punk" : ultra garage, ultra rock'n'roll, ultra DIY, with extreme punk sounds, without bass and with rhythm box ; kind of mix between METAL URBAIN and the ELECTRIC EELS. All the texts were in French. The EP had a certain impact in the garage community, including appearances on US web radio and other releases on LP, 45s and cassettes.
In 2019, the other musicians of the ELECTRIC MORMONS, already present in MOTALOZER, preferred to meet again around the project ARSENE OBSCENE, thus becoming ARSENE OBSCENE AND THE LOOZERS. In this classic 4-piece formation, Arsène dropped the guitar to concentrate on the vocals, and the music has more punk and pop accents, much less garage than before, while keeping a certain radicality and ultra-short tracks, sometimes even reminding of RAMONES. Finally, it should be noted that a glowing review of the EP "Bad Pocket Punkadog" (still recorded alone at that time) appeared in Rock'n'Folk.

The band's influences are rooted in the original punk rock, using elements of a deviated (and slowed down) hardcore and in some cases inspired by melodies more rooted in the sixties pop. The goal is to make it as simple and effective as possible while working on the overall excitement of the whole. Since the 4-piece project, a certain compact and immediately identifiable style has been established.

  • Genre Compositions
  • Styles Punk

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History of their 2 referenced dates

  • Arsène Obsène & Dino Farfisa at the Monster's Art: Monster's Art, at Fréjus
    Fri, November 05th, 2021 at 20:00
  • Halloween Punk: Altherax, at Nice
    Sat, October 30th, 2021 at 19:30


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