Benoit et la Lune

Benoit et la Lune

Benoit & la Lune is a project that Benoit has been carrying in his heart for many years, the idea is to give shape to a very personal universe, in which string instruments (guitars, ukulele, violin) have a great place. A music which invites to the journey, the subject is sincere, Benoit delivers himself there in metaphors.

This is how we find in Benoit & la Lune, his taste for string instruments, folk, rock and film music.

The lyrics are mostly in French, sometimes in English, but Benoit often uses a language that only he knows. An imaginary language that he invented when he was a child, in order to talk to the stars...

March 2008 Benoit Berrou decides to gather musicians around his project Benoit & the Moon
That's how he met Bruno Desbiolles, a talented drummer who had worked with Gilles Choir. As the project progressed, Bruno multiplied his skills to also play guitars and vocal harmonies within the project.
Manu C, eclectic guitarist joined the adventure a few months later, he brings an additional energy by his play very influenced by the flamenco and the South American music in general.
Julie Régimbart, a sensitive and melodic violinist, adds sweetness and lyricism to the project...

  • Genre Compositions
  • Styles Folk Rock, Alternative Rock
  • Influences Jorane, Yann Tiersen, Kronos quartet, Noir Désir, Alice in chains, Arvo Pärt, Jeff Buckley, Nine inch Nails, Tori Amos, Tom Waits, Ennio Morricone, Buke and Gase, Nirvana, Sonic youth, Soundgarden, The Cure, Stone Temple Pilots

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