Black Rooster

The Black Rooster has exploded its shell! And the dark bird, born from the meeting of 5 musicians with the experience forged on the most beautiful scenes of the Côte d'Azur and national, is ready to put you full of ears...

In his first album to be discovered on stage this summer, the funky rage of the 4 ex-BLOFELD fades away in favor of a powerful and bewitching rock, carried by the unique voice of Eric -Blacky- Sebbar, the sharp and daring riffs of the guitars of Seb Noceo (CHINASKI) and Pierre Calluaud, and the implacable rhythmic base of Julien SOLLIET (Drums) and Damien BISSON (Bass).

Let's face it, the Back Rooster is more like a night owl than a white dove, and wakes up better than a good coffee, black of course. To consume without moderation!

  • Genre Covers
  • Styles Rock

5 Musicians

History of their 1 referenced dates

  • : Cresp, at Grasse
    Sat, July 06th, 2019 at 16:30


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