Don't give up (Nice)

Don't give up

The concept of this Tribute was born in August 2020 with Patrice and Nico, Peter Gabriel fans. Without delay, they ask Sev to join them for the Kate Bush part, also Philippe for the bass. From the very first attempts, the chemistry between them is obvious. To complete the team and to raise the instrumental performance of these 2 repertoires, they needed no less than Christian on drums and Norbert on guitar. A rehearsal is set up: the magic is there, the sound is there, the symbiosis is there. DON'T GIVE UP - Tribute Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel is born! And, following a residency, all agree on the fact that a little more is missing... A chorus girl who can also take care of choreographies on some pieces of the 2 repertoires. To everyone's delight, Nelly joined the troupe and the adventure took on its full dimension.

  • Genre Tribute
  • Styles Progressive Rock
  • Repertoire Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel

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