Hardcore Anal Hydrogen

Hardcore Anal Hydrogen

Although Hardcore Anal Hydrogen's roots are in metal and contemporary music, the music of Hardcore Anal Hydrogen touches on many musical genres. The ever-changing formal structure of the songs and the eclecticism of the musical genres are a constant in the band's creation.
The vocals are very unconventional, using vocal styles that can borrow from metal, ethnic music, and personal experimentation. It is processed in real time by specifically developed effects.
The guitar, very virtuoso, is directly inspired by the metal heritage, but swings its strings from rock & roll to repetitive music.
The tracks of Hardcore Anal Hydrogen are often discordant, dissonant, and often use noisy elements. However, some of the tracks can definitely be classified as acousmatic music, and soundscape. Despite this, Hardcore Anal Hydrogen is not a 100% noise band, and most of their tracks rely on measured (if complex) rhythms and a melodic-harmonic system.
Hardcore Anal Hydrogen was born in 2009, from the meeting of Martyn Circus and Sachamouk. Together they produced two albums, Fork You, Division Zero and The Talas of Satan. Their fourth album HyperCut was released in 2018 by Apathia Records. Composed as a two-piece in the studio, Hardcore Anal Hydrogen's music forced a restructuring of the band for the stage.

  • Genre Covers
  • Styles Death Métal, Hardcore, Metal
  • Repertoire a.P.A.t.T., Ni, Pryapisme, Philip Glass, Napalm Death, Ennio Morricone, Django Reinhardt, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Dillinger Escape Plan, Secret Chiefs 3

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