Korrigan (Fréjus)


Once upon a time, in the heart of the depopulated Landes, there was a post-apocalyptic city. The descendants of the survivors living there in autonomy, they are divided into two castes of mutant humanoids, sharing the devastated high places and the putrid undergrounds... One is predatory, the other prey. But the Korrigan, a mythical being, lies dormant, he is the link between the living and the source of life, the children's song will awaken him and with him the hope of a harmonious future. This magnificent rock opera was born from the imagination of Philippe Casetti. In partnership with the storyteller and author Patrick Mégale, and surrounded on stage by Alexandre Pulitano on bass, Magali singing for the French version, Cathia for the English version, and Arno Arnoise drums. Philippe Casetti made this project rise from its ashes, reinventing himself on stage all the time. As in any opera, it breaks down into several acts, going from a rhythmic rock, to the lyrical singing of Magali. Passing by post alternative and decorated with a hint of metal, the very Floyd influences are not for nothing! Like a kind of living tale, Korrigan will take you into the depths of an extraordinary story, both musically and scenically! Not to be missed under any circumstances!
Céline Déhédin

  • Genre Compositions
  • Styles Rock

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Korrigan & Riccardo d'Attis at Monster's Art

Friday, March 22nd, 2024 - Starts at 19:30

Korrigan & Riccardo d\'Attis at Monster\'s Art
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    18 days 6 hours 12 minutes

  • When

    Friday, March 22nd, 2024 - Starts at 19:30

  • Where

    Monster's Art at Fréjus

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