Malt Liquor (Nice)

Malt Liquor

Malt Liquor is a young composition group, originating from Nice in the South of France.
It is during a simple afternoon between friends that the singer Morgan DUGAS and the guitarist, Alexis BONDIL, will compose a first song together and thus write the first page of their adventure. They both found the band at the beginning of 2018 and wrote and composed together the first EP "Late Night // Early Morning" in collaboration with a local studio (From the bay Record).
They are joined successively by the drummer of the group, Remi GELIOT, as well as a first bassist Thibaut LAMURE who will then give up his place to Olivier MARTINEZ aka " Marty ".
In February 2019, the 6-track EP appears on platforms and allows the band to present a music with multiple influences.
Cradled in the arms of rock, the band members revisit riffs and power chorus on a synthetic keyboard background. To the psychedelic melodies, they combine vocals and rap, supported by deep bass lines and an aerial rhythmic. From Anglo-Saxon indie to punk rock, through trap and US rap, Malt Liquor explores every musical style to build their alternative universe.

Beach Weather, Twenty One Pilots, The Neighbourhood, Alt-J or Post Malone, follow Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Supertramp in the long list of bands that had an impact on Malt Liquor's compositions.
In addition to a long work of composition, the members of the group do not hesitate to revisit their pieces in Live, thus offering a panel even wider of musical discoveries.

  • Genre Compositions
  • Styles Electro Rock, Alternative Rock
  • Influences Beach Weather, Twenty One Pilots, The Neighbourhood, Post Malone, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Supertramp

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