The objective of each one is to share the pleasure of playing together by serving at best the standards of the Pop Rock, the Hard Rock and the Metal.
It is during the 2007 music festival that the earth will shake for the first time to the sound of SharkSound. The first distribution of watts, the first screams of distraught girls!
The beginning of the glory what... in front of at least... 20 people...
A destiny is launched !
It is then the beginning of a historical tour in the cellars and the scenes of the back country of Nice and Cannes where the successes follow one another. A constant progression in the musicality and the desire to share it with our public and our fans who jostle for this autograph so desired by their heroes. The years follow one another as well as the dates.
August 2011, Max stumbles... He will not recover from the fight, discreet but relentless, that he has led since the beginning of the adventure against the disease. The reaper took him away from us... Bitch!
We were left knocked out. Long months passed before a dull desire pushed us to continue the adventure.
After a few failures, the rare pearl was found. Thomas (drums) joined us just two months before the 2012 music festival.
The D-day, SharkSound is again with the meeting with the rhythm of the powerful impacts of the bass drum of Thomas, the blows of cutters of the bass of Hacène and the groans of the guitars of Raph and Marco.
Since then, the group engraves its legend with bleeding riffs and the hammering of ... Shark Sound!!!
It is in October 2013 that Virginie (Vocal) joins the band to enrich the harmony of voices and strengthen the power of the choruses.
Summer 2014, after two years to impulse the rhythm of SharkSound, Thomas leaves to enjoy the London nights in an international adventure ! Thank you guy for what you brought to us !
It's Hervé who disintegrates all the pretenders to Thomas' still warm seat. With a double pedal he immediately enters in resonance with the whole group.
Since then it tinkles, it rolls and it beats!
Initiated with Thomas, Brutal Love Song is the first single signed by the new formation. SharkSound is ready to put the crowds in trance!
After Virginie, Hervé decided in 2016 to reorient his musical career and left the band to invest in other projects. Thanks to both of you to have carried high the colors of SharkSound!!!
Fall 2016, Benoit comes to sublimate the rhythm of SharkSound, it's severely kicking during the year 2017! Unfortunately, not being able to invest in the group as much as he would have liked, Benoit takes his bow after a year of hard work. Thanks man for your energy and courage. Hats off to the artist!
At the beginning of 2018, Hacène, Raph and Marco are drowned in full perplexity. It is then that SharkSound is electrified by the passage of missK@ on the drum kit of SharkSound. The pact is quickly signed around 3 beers and a glass of Chardonnay...
Soon the stage !
SharkSound the adventure continues...

  • Genre Covers & Compositions
  • Styles Hard Rock, Metal, Pop Rock

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Flea Market, Sharksound & Rock Lovers at the festival of St-Martin-Vésubie

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