Bengal (Bollène)

If the cinema was told to me in audio format, BENGAL would surely find a place there. In any case, it is indeed this first concept which is the trigger of the birth of the group in 2011.
For a few years, with 3 first self-productions centered on 2 films of the director Fritz Lang, The Bengal Tiger and The Hindu Tomb, the BENGAL project will be pushed in its entrenchments with its procession of artifices: videos projected live on the theme of India, 6 musicians in costumes inherent to the general imagery in order to perfect the visual which is ours since now 10 years.
The group continues its cinematographic reference by paying homage this time to the Science-Fiction and this from the 50s.
True "laboratory of ideas", BENGAL is animated in that by the symbiosis of the 6 musicians, who already made their weapons in very different musical formations. What characterizes this new album, From Outer Space, apart from the references to the SF genre, is its heterogeneity with the fusion of styles such as Rock, Progressive, Metal or Pop, with some Punk atmosphere! The movie lovers will obviously recognize the themes, but especially the films inspiring each of the 11 compositions with particular tonalities. Recorded in local studios (TWS in St Montan, NSR in Lagarde Adhèmar and SLC in Espeluche), the album was mixed and mastered at the FatLab in Entraigues, each step having been done with the greatest care. Bengal hopes that his unusual universe will find favor with the ears of informed and curious listeners.

  • Genre Compositions
  • Styles Electro Rock, Metal

8 Musicians






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