Lag I Run (Toulon)

Lag I Run

Born in 2008, LAG I RUN is a rock band from the South of France. Four musicians, a singular voice, powerful guitars, an omnipotent and implacable rhythm section. A rock band, and maybe more; a musical melting pot linking paradox and ingenuity; from Progressive to Folk, from Electro to Pop or from Metal to World Music. Influences then, but it is first of all Nay Windhead, a self-taught offbeat and dreamer who gives his music a heightened sensitivity as well as an incorruptible identity.

In addition to the music, an air of escape is breathed into the public during their stage performances. Inspired by the world of cinema and novels, the musicians have in common the will to evolve on stage as in a fantastic story where Terry Gilliam and Jules Verne, Cormac McCarthy and Georges Méliès would rub shoulders, in a burlesque and strange atmosphere, out of time and fashion. After a first album "SUNLIGHT SCARS" which met a great success on stage as well as with the specialized press, LAG I RUN has today the honor to present you "VAGRANT SLEEPERS".

  • Genre Compositions
  • Styles Electro, Folk, Metal, Pop, Progressive Rock, World Music

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