Trapped In Freedom (Lille)

Formed at the beginning of 2008 by three soiffards of the zik: Colin with the scrape, Thierry with the daddy-guitar (also called bass) and Kevin with the poum tchac, the group initially proposes an essentially instrumental music, incontestably influenced by the metal, also tinted of various and varied sonorities borrowed with the funk, the jazz, the Viandox, the reggae, the muscular one and the salsa... According to the public of the time: "that déglue severe! ".

After a few fortuitous twists and turns, a change of drummer in 2010 (Tomasson), then the arrival of a singer in 2011 (Sam), the line-up becomes fixed, and the four troublemakers decide to set up a good big live set that shatters the floor while making the bad thugs laugh...
On the program: original and groovy compositions, some marginal disguises of any kind, the whole decorated with folkloric steps Nordic-Balkanic-American.

These musical elucubrations from their fertile imaginations materialize in a stage mashed potato much denser than a moussaka, making the audience move in all senses of the term (but especially from the bottom to the top). Again and again, the public is there, more and more numerous: "it sends wood of tropical forest".

It was in the year of grace 2013 that Trapped In Freedom released their first EP under the sweet name of "Six Frites Under". A few hundred beers and gigs later, these bleeding heart villains are more than ever ready to offer a good slice of metallic fusion, with a lot of jokes and puns (and more if affinity)!

After a period of hibernation, and the departure of Colin, who like DonQuichiotte, went to fight the windmills in the East, TIF decided to put the lid back on in late 2015...

The arrival of a new guitarist: Max (unofficial Uzbek look-alike of Guillaume Canet) definitely begins the beginning of a new era, with more onions and less pita sauce, just to give you a good laugh!

After a (new) long period of musical lull, TIF are back in 2019, with the release of a second EP soberly entitled "Welsh Ma Gueule", and the arrival of a new musician in the band: Franck on the 7-string guitar (which makes much more noise than the 6-string).

We might as well say it right away: TIF is back!

  • Genre Compositions
  • Styles Fusion, Metal
  • Influences Stolen Babies, Mörglbl, Sebkha Chott, SOAD, RATM, Costa Gravos, Franzl Lang, Queen, Flying Pooh, Mr. Bungle, Incubus, Kassav, Bumblefoot, Pantera, Primus, Led Zeppelin, MC Circulaire, The DEP, Meshuggah, Tool

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