Life, the 1st EP of No End Date (NED)

A well-calibrated album, with engaging and refreshing compositions

No End Date (NED)
Nice based band, No End Date (END), released their 1st 4 track EP: Life, in December 2020, recorded and mixed by Nice Sound Studio and mastered by Sultana mastering. Formed in late 2018, NED consists of Pierre on bass, Ju on guitar and vocals, Nono on drums and Greg on guitar. Pierre, Ju and Greg are also members of Teddy Picker, tribute Artic Monkeys that RdvROCK had the pleasure of seeing live on the Altherax stage. Pierre also performs with the group of compositions: Deaf blockes and the group of covers: OSB, that we know for having met them several times.

A good start with I Wish You Hell, with a catchy tempo and where it's about breaking up. The rhythm intensifies as this bitter declaration rises, driven by disenchantment while love still seems to be present. The choirs are well in tune with the singer. At 1'41, the guitar chords crunch and start a solo, supported by an instrumentation with communicative energy.

An introduction reminiscent of The Cranberries' Zombie, Superman is a nostalgic melody, without being without vigor, for this father who sees, with great sadness, his son, now grown up, leaving the family nest.

A well-felt rhythmic, adjusted sonorities for a maximum of spirit with Midlife Crisis or the nice way to make us share, in a rock way, the blues of the forty-year-old according to NED.

What mama said, the longest track of the EP with its 5'16, is a nice conclusion of Life and it is also the synthesis, with an intro very similar to Superman and a construction that we find on I Wish You Hell. To note, the catchy guitar solo at 3'40 of almost 50''.

Ju's singular voice lends itself perfectly to this pop rock influenced record. The combo brilliantly carries its endearing, refreshing and solid enough compositions. The pleasure is guaranteed for this well-calibrated album and we wish them not hell, but to meet the public.

The EP is available for free listening on all streaming platforms:
The CD version will arrive soon and an album is planned for the end of the year.

Tracklist :

- I Wish You Hell
- Superman
- Midlife Crisis
- What Wanna Said

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