Live Their Lives, the 1st EP of Glamour at the Gate

An endearing album, deploying energy and sensitivity

Glamour at the Gate
The hard rock, stoner band from Nice, created in March 2017, with David Dray on vocals and guitar, Matthias Albert on solo guitar, Killian Martin on rhythm guitar, Joan Allemand on bass and Roman Contenti on drums, released on November 19, 2019, their 1st EP: Live Their Lives.

If Glamour at the Gate had the privilege to play as the opening act for the last date, of the progressive rock band Klone's acoustic tour (December 16, 2018), it's not by chance.  
Moongirl: A rocking start for this 4'54 track. At 1'11, the chorus immediately reminds me of Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top. With intense guitar moments, a good swaying rhythm, the whole thing pulses well. 

Party : The 55'' introduction is very worked with a nice diversity of sounds. There is a kind of desperation that emerges from this 6'41 opus, accentuated by the vibrant energy of the guitar, a heavier rhythmic and with notable accelerations of the drums. The rhythm is still activated at the end like a final emergency. 

Live My Life : this track carries the dynamism of Guns N'Roses, with some biting riffs. The backing vocals are well adjusted and David does not spare any effort vocally on this demanding opus, going cheerfully from low to high.

Cocaine Drink: The rustle of falling rain as the notes of a soft acoustic guitar ballad escape as a prelude to this song that soon throws in more edgy, soaring riffs.

Such a Slut: Country guitar chords with sound effects and vocals in the background. A very nice tune, original, playful like a party: "There's a party downtown but nobody have fun" where drinking and disenchantment reign.

With its 6'31, Shouky offers a rich melodic musical flight, neat and airy riffs, a raised chorus and to finish a surprising final with synth and percussions. 

As you listen to the album, the technical qualities of this album become apparent. The commitment to build the tracks shows their determination to produce very personal instrumentations. The grain of David's voice is hoarse, almost rocky at times. It becomes downright perched at other times at the limit of the break, allowing him to play on several vocal registers. Glamour at the Gate hovers between hard rock and stoner, flirting with nuances, offering tracks that each have their own signature. The sound ambiences reveal the central theme of Live Their Lifes: this malaise in front of a society that prevents, these lives we dream of eaten away by the impotence to live them. For their part, they lack neither power nor inventiveness and we wish them to be as fruitful in the future.  Live Their Lives is an endearing album, deploying a real sensitivity. We are conquered by this promising try! 
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Tracklist :

- Moongirl
- Party
- Live My Life
- Cocaïne Drink
- Such a Slut
- Shouky

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