Reprendre ma guitare, Christophe James' 1st album

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  • Friday, April 16th, 2021
Go after your dreams

Christophe James, known as a guitarist in the pop-rock cover bands Backstage and Décibel, released his first album: "Resume My Guitar", with the Parisian record company Rakel Production. The author, composer, performer and guitarist wrote, recorded, directed and mastered the 10 tracks of the album, between December 2018 and December 2020, in the studio of Chènevières, in Chamvres (Yonne).

Christophe was at the end of a dream. By letting himself be won over by his passion for music, he gave free rein to his imagination and succeeded in composing an intimate album, offering nice walks, punctuated by nervous riffs. Christophe reveals himself with tenderness and sincerity on each of the 10 songs. Melodic qualities, lightness, but also nostalgia for this endearing pop-rock opus.

The album is available on all download platforms and on CD.

Tracklist :

01 – Belle
02 – Reprendre ma guitare
03 – Myla
04 – Toute une vie
05 – Le plus bel endroit de la Terre
06 – Pour toi Lauryne
07 – Pourquoi
08 – Sans toi
09 – Les mots
10 – Découvrir le monde

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