The 1st opus of Ka & The Blue Devils to discover

"Once upon a time" or once upon a time the adventure of Ka & The Blue Devils

KA & The Blue DevilsIn addition to the fact that the musicians must be excellent to evolve in this demanding musical genre that is the blues, the best formations have all interest to go out of the lot to find one or another interpreter with the strong and singular vocal signature. This is the successful bet of Ka & the Blue Devils, composed of talented musicians with Jeff Rebsamen on guitar, Denis Fuentes on bass, Serge Salacroup on keyboard, Tony Cosoleto on drums and carried by the powerful and vibrant voice of its singer, Ka. Her groove is mastered and impeccable. Ka is the band's conductor. In live, by means of a very precise gesture, she gives the tone to her musicians, orders them there to stop, here to start again without even looking at them. Her eyes are riveted on the audience, with whom she plays, with whom she does not want to lose this close relationship so that the invisible link between the artist and the spectator remains. Very professional, she knows how to captivate by playing with her vocal and stage presence, like the great groove singers. Well tuned, very technical, the musicians are not left out. Although resolutely attentive to the slightest gestures of their diva, they implement all the extent of their artistic requirement, with a quality instrumentation in the service of rhythmic and intoxicating melodies.  

"Once upon a time", self-produced and released in July 2019, is the first opus of the group, created in 2011. Mix of 10 original tracks in English and in French for 4 of them, the songs evoke episodes of everyday life, waves to the soul as the tasty "Bad Trip". "Dey story" is an invitation to travel on the chords of a very pure melody with the marked presence successively of the keyboard then the guitar and finally the drums. Freedom is incredible, with prodigious vocal ascents of Ka à la Tina Turner and the sublime guitar chords of Jeff Rebsamen. My preference goes to "My name is George Stinney", a very moving song, a tribute to George Stinney, a 14 year old African-American boy, the youngest person condemned to death in the 20th century, accused without proof of the murder of 2 white girls and executed in 1944. Ka's interpretation and the melody are overwhelming and magnify the unbearable cruelty of this injustice. This is also what the blues are all about! Telling the sadness, the vicissitudes of life in song to not forget, to remain dignified, as in the origins of the blues. The music and songs were entirely composed by Ka and Jeff Rebsamen. 

The whole album is a beautiful artistic achievement! 

So go and discover this nugget! Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away!

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Tracklist :

1. Bad Trip

2. Dey Story

3. On Crev' De Blues

4. My name is George Stinney

5. Autumn Blues

6. Traffic

7. L'accroche rêve

8. Freedom

9. Dreamer

10. Mystery Train


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