The first album for Benoit & la Lune

The artistic project of Benoit & la Lune (composed of 13 tracks) is carried by a trio of alternative folk-rock from the Côte d'Azur, which deserves all our attention for its quality and its originality.

Benoit et la LuneWith his electric ukulele slung over his shoulder, Benoit composes and sings his poetry in French and English, but also in his own imaginary language, assisted by Manolis, a guitarist-virtuoso inspired by South American rhythms, and by Bruno Desbiolles, a percussionist with African influences.

"Neya Kulamee": a drum roll for an entrance as on a theater stage, the violin, the cries of a man, the ukulele.
A fresh air shakes "Enanteya Domvey", between modernity and epic breath, on which the words of a language imagined by Benoit, during his childhood, convinced that he could speak to the stars, to the moon, are spread. A language for which he also developed a writing based on pictograms. Enanteya' means 'vertigo' and 'Domvey' means time. The association produces 'vertigo for ever', a call to abandon one's marks, one's limits, to surpass oneself in order to refocus on oneself, on what is essential in order to give the best. It is indeed of that which it is about.
This dreamlike journey, which is proposed to us, transports us in musical waves and literally capsizes us.
Just the title of the 3rd song (title of the album): "La Vie Est Un Acte De Piraterie" is a delicious invitation to not bend, to live one's dreams and aspirations. Benoit and the Moon invites us to "Jump into the void" and the desire to let go and follow him is galvanized by an exhilarating melody.
"Le souffle" and "Je n'ai pas peur du vent" exhale pretty ballads, whose choirs and instrumentation are expressed as delicately as the lightness of a summer breeze.
With "La fleur et l'étoile", musical styles with multiple horizons mix and integrate to create a harmonious and poetic framework.
There are different ways to travel and with "Drunk Blues", it is the one of the escape by the drink. The trumpet accompaniment, interpreted by François Kreutz that we know for having seen him several times within the formation: Preparation H, intensifies this formidable piece of effectiveness.
Benoit's deep grain on "Smells like teen spirit" is just magnificent. The cellist, Marjolaine Alziary as a guest, comes to reinforce the orchestration of a great purity to give this version of the emblematic title of Nirvana a power of an infinite beauty.
The duet with the Australian-Finnish artist Inga Liljëstom on "The Dragonfly heart boy", dynamic and nostalgic opus, is very successful.
"Je n'oublie rien" proclaims with feverishness the despair, the pain of the memories that we would like to forget, but which never fade away.
The collaboration with the harmonicist Eric Frèrejacques, on "Reflection", contributes for the best to propel us in a whirlwind of exhilarating energy.
With "Là où je suis", it is question of the renunciation of the alcoholic; the vertigo is here an act of non-life, a tragic cry magnified by the touching song and the slow and dark instrumental rhythm.
On "Tuul Kell," the words of the invented language are whispered. The crystalline chorus of Virginie Maraskin, lyrical artist, in the last part of the song (also present on 'Neya Kulmee') is airy and sublime. It comes to close this saga with elegance and brilliance.   
It is easy to understand why the trio was the favorite of the director of the festival "Les Nuits du Sud" during the last edition. Renowned for its explosive and immersive concerts, Benoit & La Lune has shared the stage with : Yodelice, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Sanseverino, Hugh Coltmann, Grand Corps Malade and many others.          
The CD is proposed in a quality digipack, with neat graphics. Inside is a booklet or rather a 'logbook' on which we find the pictograms of the invented language of Benoit and the Moon, as well as the lyrics of the songs. All the discography of Benoit & the Moon is available on all platforms (I-tunes - Spotify - Deezer -Soundcloud -Bandcamp - Tidal etc...).
Benoit has obvious vocal skills. He lives what he sings, communicating his moods, deploying his sensitivity. The 13 songs benefit from incredible arrangements and a luminous interpretation of these three troubadours who know very well how to surround themselves to magnify their creations. These musical works whose motifs are adorned with shimmering colors from a multitude of places and atmospheres generate a dazzling energy. They are inscribed in the atmosphere to delight and overwhelm us by the emotions they convey, are displayed on the canvas in sounds and notes demonstrating a great artistic mastery, motivated by a requirement of freedom and overcoming. So, I let myself be dizzy so that my life becomes a voluptuous act of piracy. 

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​Tracklist : 

1. Neya Kulamee
2. Enanteya Domvey
3. La vie est un acte de Piraterie
4. Le souffle
5. La fleur et l'étoile
6. Drunk Blues
7. Smells like teen spirit
8. Je n'ai pas peur du vent
9. The Dragonfly heart boy
10. Je n'oublie rien
11. Reflection
12. Là où je suis
13. Tuul Kell
Article de Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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