2nd edition of the Festival L'Antre du Lion

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  • Saturday, January 25th, 2020
A stage dedicated to metal and open to local bands!

The 2nd edition of L'Antre du Lion took place on January 25th in Gattières. Dedicated to the world of metal and open to local programming, the festival is organized by Yuna Crew, a non-profit association recognized of general interest, whose intention is to promote access to current music practices for the inhabitants of the PACA region.
A crazy show on a stage where 6 groups of composers (3 from the Alpes Maritimes and 3 from the Var) followed one another.

- The evening began with the winner of the Nuits Carrées 2019: Yuzu that RdvROCK knows well for having seen it live twice in 2019: during the 7th edition of RockFest at the Théâtre de Verdure in Nice on May 11 and at the Altherax on September 6. A lot of energy for this shock duo composed of its singer-guitarist, Sarah Basso and its drummer, Victor Martin. For this new live, the pleasure to find them is intact. They don't lack punch or originality. A sound of their own! A series of concerts will lead them on tour in Switzerland and France in early 2020. Nothing seems to resist them and we wish them to continue. Discover their CD (7 tracks): "Radio Non Sens".

- The 2nd band to enter the track is not in metal, but in punk rock. We had the opportunity to meet Gaëtan, singer and bass player of the band with his formation Les Freddy's at the Tribal Fest 2019 in Peymeinade. He is always as explosive and his companions are not in rest. A lot of humor on stage and an uncompromising instrumentation! There is Tagada Jones in the sound of their EP (5 titles): " En attendant les autres ".

- Mindwake arrives with a powerful expression, combining metal, hip hop, growl vocals and an undeniable stage presence, with a special mention for the bass player. The style is effective and the potential is real. An album is in preparation.

- Antagonism is a young thrash metal band (2016). After a 1st EP in 2018, an 11 track album "World on Disease" is recorded in the studio in October 2019. Their goal is to bring thrash metal back to the forefront. The tempo is incisive, the vocals rough, the guitars shrill. Seeing and hearing them, one can only encourage them to pursue their dream.

- In spite of the absence of their usual singer, eOn ensured the show by delivering very heavy, percussive and efficient compositions that lead us into their dark and tumultuous universe. Their album "Purgatory Inherited" was released in 2018.

- If the choice of the organizers fell on Heart Attack to close the evening, it is not by chance. The thrash metal band has already performed 250 live shows and shared the stage with big names such as Megadeth, Rammstein, Airbourne or Anthrax. With 2 albums to its credit and a 3rd one scheduled for release in 2020, the musicians of Heart Attack display a very worked rhythmic with incredible blast beats. The guttural voices of the 3 singers-musicians hit as much as punches, the guitars by moment melodious become sharpened as knives, distilling with intensity their rage.

Another festival carried by the motivation and the action of volunteers! As what the music continues to gather. It's good that initiatives like L'Antre du Lion are developing, and especially supported by the interest of the public who once again responded and enjoyed the show. We hope for a 3rd edition as rich and overflowing with musical fury.

The photo galleries RdvROCK of the festival :

- Yuzu
- Park In Son
- Mindwake
- Antagonism
- eOn
- Heart Attack

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Yuzu, L\'antre du lion 2020


L'antre Du Lion 2020

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L'antre Du Lion 2020


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