The Sophia Live Music: The public in the appointment of this 4th edition

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  • Nathalie Bellesso  
  • Monday, October 07th, 2019
The winning formula of Sophia Live Music: an edition resolutely turned towards rock, a well-functioning organization, in a magnificent setting.

The Sophia Live Music (SLM), born in 2016 from the joint project of two associations: the Sophia Club Entreprises and Fish My Kiss, confirms its success. Each year, the public comes more numerous. The organizers with this 4th edition have achieved their goal of exceeding 1000 entries. We can only be satisfied to see the growing interest of the public for this recent musical event. 

The organizers have found a solid partner to host the SLM stage. The Mercure hotel, located in the heart of the Sophia Antipolis technology park, offers a wide range of amenities in a friendly atmosphere: restaurant, snack bar, bar, an open-air recreation area where youngsters can play and, above all, a pine forest to accommodate the festival's vast stage and its audience. 

The festival opened its doors on Thursday, September 12 at 18:00 for 2 evenings during which 10 musical formations performed. 

Firefly opened the festivities by covering pop rock standards. Firefly had been selected by the public vote, solicited last April to participate in the casting 2019, among 44 competitors proposed via the facebook page of SLM. Four groups of composers then followed one another. Pandore Orchestra and its singer violinist have linked with brilliance their songs ska / rock festive. With 2 albums to their credit: "J'avance" (2012) and "Furie Silencieuse" (2014), the musicians of Pandore Orchestra are preparing the recording of a third opus. After "June Colors" (2016), Needs is currently working on a second EP (check out their video "Gravity"). With a trip-rock inspiration, their soaring melodies are sublimated by Jenny's limpid and mastered voice. The Franco-Quebecers of Vercors (already present on the SLM stage in 2018), strong of a first album "La Nuit Finira" released on March 22, 2019, delivered their vibrant compositions. To finish off this first night, The Vostok, who are part of the progressive metal/alternative rock movement, sent their powerful compositions. Their French tour following the 2018 release of the EP "Lack of Instinct", (the first "Iruka's slaves" dates back to 2016) has just ended (read RdvROCK's article "The Vostok, a band from Nice at full power", dated July 25, 2019). 

Friday 13, a new and equally diverse program welcomed the public. Bubar, armed with his guitar and his harmonica, alone on the stage, plays the difficulties by taking back soft pop folk ballads. His fan club was present to encourage him, messages to support. With Parking West, it's the blues note that arrives on the stage: a rocky voice, supported by a solid instrumentation where the saxophone and the keyboard take the lead. The progressive blues rock sextet has 2 EPs: "Music is a Light" (2017) and "Open ticket for the Blues" (2011). The Midinettes offer us rocking compositions, with energetic and saturated rhythms. A first album in 2018: "Meteor in the sky". A nice dynamic for this trio in the stoner rock vein whose new album "Don't bleed on me" is expected in 2020. Oversteam, a well-established band (already present on the SLM stage in 2017). delivers with an incredible energy covers of the mythical British rock band: Led Zeppelin. A special mention to Lionel, singer of Oversteam, for his voice always so impressive and his incredible stage performance. Finally to close the festival, a second tribute, 4 Horsemen, treads the stage to sing with strength vocally and instrumentally the songs of the famous Californian band Metallica; a show at the height of the big stages that takes us into the most raw sound of metal. 

The 10 formations with very diverse horizons among which, let us recall it, six groups of composition, make undeniably the proof of the richness of the talent and the musical creativity in the Alpes Maritimes. The presence of this festival will be a precious opportunity to give all these artists a chance to perform and make themselves known.

Congratulations to the organizers, sound and light engineers, volunteers who ensure the show while others make the show. The efficiency of the means implemented to guarantee a quality stage is to be noted. 

To finish, a big thank you to the public for its presence but especially for its active participation during these two evenings. Responding to the energy of the stage, the audience of the SLM transmitted its enthusiasm, creating a dynamic and warm current of exchanges with the musicians. What to expect from the SLM...


Evening of September 12
Pandore Orchestra
The Vostok 

Evening of September 13
Parking West 
The Midinettes 
4 Horsemen
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Sophia Live Music 2019

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Sophia Live Music 2019


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