The Tribal Fest 2019: a punk rock scene in the Alpes Maritimes

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  • Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Back to the Tribal Fest, August 17, in Peymeinade and its 2019 program.

The Tribal Fest of Peymeinade takes place in a very pleasant setting, in the middle of nature, with space and everything you need to spend a nice evening. It is organized by Tribal Roch, an association created by musicians whose primary objective is to promote contemporary music in the region. Tribal Rock offers other events such as the Spring Blues Festival which took place in May.

Programming :

The 3 Grimm 4 : The group from Peymeinade, composed of a singer and 4 musicians, offers us covers of Green Day or the Offspring, interpreted with a beautiful energy. The vocal timbre of the singer is well tempered, adapted to this musical style. Her voice and the bassist's voice harmonize well.
The Duck's Ranch : band from Antibes with Nico on bass and vocals, Romain on drums and Gaby on guitar and vocals. So three musicians complementing each other perfectly to offer us the best of themselves, including 2 singers who sing separately or together songs on a wild rhythm and with a solid control.  Formed in the spring of 2012, and reformed in 2017, we wish them to continue for a long time together to also have the pleasure to hear them again on a stage. 
=> Duck's Ranch photo gallery
The Deaf Blokes : Led by Seb Alaise, singer, songwriter and guitarist of the band, the show is not about lace. A staging and crazy looks (between beers and wigs). Effective compositions, for a raw and eruptive sound until the final with Bali-Balo (cover of Preparation H), demanded and intoned with jubilation by an audience of fans. Because rock is also festive and the Deaf Blockes, far from taking themselves seriously, play it all the way.
=> Deaf Blokes photo gallery
The Freddy's : group from Var. An explosive cocktail! They are only 3 on the stage.  However, we just have the impression to see them that they are twice as numerous as they occupy the space. They play hard! Real keupons with iroquoises and percings but not only... Beyond the appearances, there are the compositions in French (it is to be underlined!) with engaged and revolted texts against a submissive society and the every man for himself. Songs declaimed with rage, accompanied by powerful riffs. It comes to us the desire to pogo at their side! 
The Loulou : The band from Cros de Cagnes, with Rémi, on vocals and guitar, Bezu on drums, Bozo on bass and Brice on guitar has recorded a digital album "Older is better", available on bandcamp.
The group displays a beautiful synergy. The musical performance is executed on the hats of wheels. No dead time! We are in the ultra sound! At the scenic level, the bassist is not in rest. He moves, has fun and shows an impressive flexibility when he swings his foot almost in big gap (to make swoon a dancer of French cancan!). 

So for all these good moments, thank you to the organizers of this festival for this quality programming, and for giving a real space to the punk rock scene. 

Thank you to the volunteers who thanks to their work and their generosity make all this possible.  

Thanks to the technicians who, in the shadow, put the artists in light and sound!

Punk is not dead ! 

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