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  • Florence Barbara, Laurent Martin & Nathalie Bellesso  
  • Saturday, July 27th, 2019
The Ré-Ciprock festival, born in 2010, is a free open-air stage, hosting local bands of the rock movement. The festival committee of Cipières is the organizer with the participation of the Machinason in co-organization for 2 years.

The show was there: a covered stage all in light to present the groups, a quality sound system to ensure the diffusion of the music on the vast meadow welcoming the public, volunteers at work offering refreshments and food. With ten years of existence, the machine is well oiled and despite the bad weather, everything worked well and the magic worked.

4 groups successively shared the stage of the Ré-Ciprock:

- Don't be fooled by the name, DullBoy is an exclusively female band. These 4 inspired musicians, Babeth on vocals, Noé on synths, Sandra on bass and Stella on guitar, transport you into an alternative universe, mixing post punk, trip hop, new wave and dream pop.

- From the first chords, Mr FisT announces the color. Punk-rock compositions, energetic, led by Mich-Mich on vocals, Machine 27 on drums, T.T Chapacan on bass and Maximuss on guitar. Their motto: Mr FisT is all you need!

- The alternative rock band Kill the Moose whose singer Babeth is also the singer of DullBoy, with Alex and Arthur on guitar, Nicolas on drums, Alexis on bass, has released a series of three EPs and an album is in preparation.  Babeth's aerial voice is mixed with hyper-saturated riffs, sounds from an exploratory musical research that give the band a real identity.

- To close the evening, Pandore Orchestra, a group at the crossroads of alternative rock, punk and ska, offered us a festive finale. Even if the texts of their compositions are often serious, their music, cheerful, is an invitation to dance and sing with them and it is difficult to resist. The group has recorded 2 albums ("J'avance" in 2012 and "Furie Silencieuse" in 2014) and is currently working on a 3rd opus that we will be pleased to discover.

We thank the staff of Ré-Ciprock and especially Christophe Portallier for the welcome we received. We congratulate all the actors who allowed the success of this musical event and we wish long life to Ré-Ciprock by hoping that the 11th edition will be placed under the sign of the sun.

See you next year!

Article de Florence Barbara, Laurent Martin & Nathalie Bellesso

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