Franck Rockatansky

Bassist since 2009, Franck ROCKATANSKY started on the open stages of the region before founding his first band: WILD NOTE, a rock band that he describes himself as Approximate Rock. In 2012, he joined the band Dog's Bollocks and then Tarmak with whom he will build a solid experience of the live scene. In parallel, he creates the band Trademark with Marion Maïssa (PULSE) and Steef Benedetti (Cloud 9).
It is there that he met Calvin Rico (Number 9). In 2014, he integrates alongside the latter the group The Nice DOLLS, composed of the inevitable John Sammy Ace, and Gautier Gotus (So Cold tribute Coldplay).
In 2015, he creates the group H-TAG. He will also be involved in EVERMIND tribute Nirvana, and in a group of rock compositions Twenty Nine Pearls. In 2017, he will be artistic director of the Village Cannes Telethon.

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With Franck Rockatansky, in the band Deadline

With Franck Rockatansky, in the band Viewmaster


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