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Arsène lent himself to the game of portraits, here are some answers to our questions ...

Since when do you evolve in music?

Arsène :
I started playing the guitar in the 80's when I was 15, and within the first month I had my first songs. My thing is writing songs. From the beginning I played with friends and some experiences in bands. Then I played my first concert with the CHAUSSETTES ELECTRIQUES in 1995, in a nightclub. Afterwards, I recorded a lot of compositions with the means at hand, things that were released on tape or CD, rather garage, 60's or punk, to arrive at the B-MONSTERS around 2000. Often I took the guitar and the vocals, but sometimes only the guitar, or only the vocals, or all the instruments (solo). From there, after a few concerts in Nice with the B-MONSTERS, I got noticed by the Nice scene because there were very few of us playing this stuff at the time. Then, I created (with Shock Absorber) the ELECTRIC MORMONS in 2002 which played all the stages of the department during years, then FLASCHEN, then VEINES (a punk band 77 in French), which knew a certain success outside the 06. After that, there was KAISER BITNIK, my proto-metal-garage psych band, and always in parallel of all these bands and since 2009, ARSENE OBSCENE, my solo project (joined by the LOOZERS since 2019). I always do almost all the compositions in my bands, texts and musics, because that's what I like at the base.

What are your musical influences?

Arsène :
I'm more into 60's, 50's, garage and punk-rock, as far as my personal musical activity is concerned. My compositions often revolve around these spheres. I like simple songs with an exciting melody, that's what I have the most fun playing. On the other hand, I listen to a lot of different things at home that have nothing to do with each other, like drone, black metal, experimental, improv, classical, contemporary, folk, jazz, ethnic, 50's, ambient, pop, etc. I like almost everything, except for the music that I've been listening to. I like almost everything, except rap (or very little), and industrial-commercial variety.

Have you already recorded an album or an EP?

Arsène :
I have recorded and released on different labels (French, Belgian, American, German, Dutch, etc.) about twenty records in 20 years:
• ARSENE OBSCENE - More Money LP (2019)
• MOTARLOZER - C'est le rock'n'roll EP (2018)
• ARSENE OBSCENE - Bad Pocket Punkadog EP (2018)
• ARSENE OBSCENE - Better than the Gizmos (2018) (Digital recording on bandcamp)
• ARSENE OBSCENE - Teenage Shitdown - Target: Shit! Garage Lavabo 60's Unknown Scorchers 1995-2000 (2017) (Digital recording on bandcamp)
• ARSENE OBSCENE/THE SPEED BABES Split Tape Cassette - Label : What's New For Breakfast? Records (2017)
• ARSENE OBSCENE - Guitar Trash (2017) (Digital recording on bandcamp)
• KAISER BITNIK – Extreme Noise Error (2017) (Digital recording on bandcamp)
• THE ELECTRIC MORMONS - Sang Chique et Mollard - LP Label : Crypta Music (2016)
• THE ELECTRIC MORMONS - ainsi soient-ils LP - Label : Mormons Records (2014)
• KAISER BITNIK CD - Label : Stakhanov Records (2012)
• ARSENE OBSCENE - RVB Cassette - Label : Rainy Road Records (2011)
• ARSENE OBSCENE - Rock Sauvage EP - Label : 13 O'Clock Records (2011)
• ARSENE OBSCENE Zone Industrielle- - Arsène Obscène - LP Label : P.Trash Records (2010)
• ARSENE OBSCENE - Partir à la Guerre - EP Label : Slovenly Recordings (2009)
• VEINES - Bourgeois Standard LP - Label : Demolition Derby (2010)
• VEINES - Perdus Dans La Ville LP - Label : Demolition Derby (2009)
• VEINES - EP - Label : Frantic City Records (2007)
• FLASCHEN - Treat Me Bad - 7" - Label : High School Refuse Records (2006)
• FLASCHEN - You're Negative Baby EP - Label : Trash Mondain Records (2005)
• THE ELECTRIC MORMONS - A Punk Rock Saturday / A DIY Sunday - 4 tracks Split EP - Label : Weekend Records (2007)

Which song fits you best?

Arsène :
For example "I'm Dead" from ACTION SWINGERS...? Radical, direct, wild... AND Underground !

Which artist would you like to share the stage with?

Arsène :

What are your other passions or interests besides music?

Arsène :
Writing: I have published half a dozen books of poetry and an essay on punk rock with CAMION BLANC.

If you could only keep 3 albums among all the ones you own, which ones would you keep?

Arsène :
- RAMONES - 1st album
- STOOGES "Raw Power"
- SEEDS - 1st album

What is the unmentionable song you sing in your shower?

Arsène :
Runaway by DEL SHANNON

Define, in 3 words, what music means to you

Arsène :
Emotion, freedom, creation.


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