Laurent Fayet (Lolo Fora)'s portrait

Laurent lent himself to the game of portraits, here are some answers to our questions ...

Since when do you evolve in music?

Laurent :
I started playing drums in high school in 96. Nothing extraordinary but we used to play Nirvana and Hole.
After high school I still wanted to play music and so I met a childhood friend, also a drummer.
So I started playing guitar and singing. But I am very bad at the guitar haha. The brother of my friend likes what I do on vocals.
We are in 2001 and I become singer in my first metal band (we were mostly beautiful wankers who made rehearsals on saturday to finish in barbecues in the evening mouhahaha!!!)
Anyway, time goes by and here I am in PACA in 2014 (yes I am from Champagne Ardennes originally).
Nothing musically until 2017 when I integrate a pop rock cover band but it does not fit too much!!!
2018 I meet Dydy head and the FORSAKE adventure begins.

What are your musical influences?

Laurent :
Big mess.
As a kid I was a fan of Daniel Balavoine, then Queen and Nirvana.
Metal of course !!!
From Korn to Metallica, Ratm, Soad, Defstones, Gojira pfff there are so many !!! and I continue to discover them.
I really like french neo-metal.
I love the 60's holdies stuff (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc.)
Some rap songs, unplugged stuff,
Female voices:
Bjork, Skin from skunk anansie, Jewel the gathering ...
Honestly people if you want to know call me : let's talk about it around a beer hahaha !!!

Have you already recorded an album or an EP?

Laurent :
A 5 track EP self-produced with FORSAKE

Which song fits you best?

Laurent :
Quelqu'un de bien and Autopilote by Lofofora.
Allez hop by Daniel Balavoine.

Which artist would you like to share the stage with?

Laurent :
Serj Tankian of System of a Down and Kurt Cobain.

What are your other passions or interests besides music?

Laurent :
Hobbyism (painting on miniatures).
I paint figurines of board games.
Don't even think about inviting me to dinner on a Wednesday night!!!

If you could only keep 3 albums among all the ones you own, which ones would you keep?

Laurent :
- Life is peachy by Korn
- Le fond et la forme by Lofofora.
- System of a Down self-titled album.

What is the unmentionable song you sing in your shower?

Laurent :
Manger c'est tricher by casseurs-flotteurs flowters

Define, in 3 words, what music means to you

Laurent :
Beer, friends, emotions


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