Sébastien Gastaldi's portrait

Sébastien lent himself to the game of portraits, here are some answers to our questions ...

Since when do you evolve in music?

Sébastien :
I started with singing, organ and drums at the age of 8 and started playing guitar at the age of 12 to create my first band "vertige" (progressive rock).
Around 18 years old I started to play fusion metal, guitar and vocals with " mai 68 ", then Asaliah, and we toured with bands like : mass hysteria, loffofora, out, oneyed jack, silmarils.....
.... until 2000 when I created my production company "Emb PROD" and produced many albums for : humanity, mako (Ireland), isotope, Panoramix collective vibes, Blah-Blah,........
Then I joined Blah-Blah, then Nosonic, and " With U " (tribute U2)

What are your musical influences?

Sébastien :
Led zep, Ac/Dc, Stones, Rage against the machine,
Supertamp, Eagles, ...
Bob Marley
And many others....

Have you already recorded an album or an EP?

Sébastien :
Yes, several,
Vertigo : Go far from here
May 68: album "the machine
11 titles
Asaliah : album le voyage.
What is this, the patient....
Panoramix collective vibes :
La paresse (canal +)
Blah-Blah : Tell it Like it is
11 tracks

Which song fits you best?

Sébastien :
Highway to hell,
Where the streets have no name,
Love is all.........

Which artist would you like to share the stage with?

Sébastien :
Bertignac, Norbert krieff (this is done????), Jean Louis Aubert.......

What are your other passions or interests besides music?

Sébastien :
Cooking, gardening, do-it-yourself....

If you could only keep 3 albums among all the ones you own, which ones would you keep?

Sébastien :
Stones: black and blue
Supertramp : breakfast in America
Ac/dc: back in black
And a 4th: a Bob Marley ????

What is the unmentionable song you sing in your shower?

Sébastien :
Don’t worry, be happy

Define, in 3 words, what music means to you

Sébastien :
Travel, dream, human harmony


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