Yohann's portrait

Yohann lent himself to the game of portraits, here are some answers to our questions ...

Since when do you evolve in music?

Yohann :
It's starting to get old!!!
I was raised in a classical music school from 1991 to 1996. It was quite a time and I have very good memories of it.

I only started playing music again in 2001 when I discovered the guitar in high school, to impress the girls ????. But I quickly understood that they were not metal fans ????. However, let's say that I did my classes with this style of music and I spent hours on my guitar, so many hours that I forgot to take the exam.

Since then I still don't have my diploma. But I learned so much and I'm still learning and I have so many good memories. I can say that this passion is not ready to leave me any time soon.

What are your musical influences?

Yohann :
There are so many that I couldn't name them. However, it goes from classical to metalcore, from alternative rock to electronic music.

But there is a band with which I made my first guitar experience is probably Metallica.

Today my influences are eclectic. I really listen to everything except for the cheap music on the radio.

Have you already recorded an album or an EP?

Yohann :
Yes I had the chance to work with Thomas, Lilly and Martial on our project E.N.D in which I was composer, arranger, sound engineer. After many years of work we released "one word" and we defended it by doing a tour. It was a fantastic experience and I have very good memories of it.

Which song fits you best?

Yohann :
Without any hesitation The pretender by Foo Fighters.
So much energy in this track. And every time I listen to it, it's a slap in the face...

Which artist would you like to share the stage with?

Yohann :
There are too many of them...

What are your other passions or interests besides music?

Yohann :
I practice a lot of sports since I was 12 years old.
20 years of taekwondo (so don't fuck with me !!!)
And 8 years of bodybuilding so 4 in athletic strength (don't fuck with me, understood !!!)

If you could only keep 3 albums among all the ones you own, which ones would you keep?

Yohann :
It is serious if I note more than three ????
Made in Japan by Deep Purple
Dangerous by Michael Jackson
Infest by Papa Roach
Surfing with aliens by Joe Satriani
1984 by Van Halen
The 4 seasons by Vivaldi
Carmen by Georges Bizet
Origin of symmetry by Muse.
The end of heartache by Killswitch engage.....

What is the unmentionable song you sing in your shower?

Yohann :
Tata yoyo, big bisous, destiné... Yeah I know it's my retro side coming out...

Define, in 3 words, what music means to you

Yohann :
Emotion, power, sharing

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