1st edition of Well-Fest - L'Attrait Mousse - June 19 & 26, 2021

7 bands, 2 rock nights for a well done festival !

Angel For A Day Bitch Boyz Deaf Blokes H-TAG LGG Les Grandes Gueules No End Date (NED) Preparation H
The Well-Fest, organized by Seb Alaise, was held over 2 sessions on June 19 and 26 at the Attrait Mousse, a beer bar in Vallauris. A real challenge for this singer, guitarist, arranger, composer and bass player, active in 5 bands! Perfectionist in his work, the master of ceremonies succeeded in gathering a beautiful range of artists and in offering, thanks to their commitment, a festive and warm event. It is also necessary to greet the investment of the managers of the Attrait Mousse of Vallauris and their staff, who worked in the good mood and with an extreme user-friendliness during these two sessions of lives.

June 19th evening 

We discover : Angel For A Day, tribute Angel City with Serge Tafini on vocals, Cedric Bevilacqua, lead guitar and backing vocals: Pat Hammon, rhythm guitar, Frederic Allavena, bass and backing vocals and Nicolas Mancel on drums. Angel City or Angels (in its country) is an Australian hard rock band, created in 1974, and whose international career did not have the influence it deserved, unlike their compatriots AC/DC. The interpretation of the musicians was equal to the technical difficulty, with the cover of 9 of the 10 compositions of the album Face to Face, international version of 1980, which is considered a real success on the rock planet. Serge's vocals, by the way, singer of the Squealers, AC/DC tribute, are still incredible in their clarity and power.  Energetic riffs, a very catchy boogie rock, bewitching tempos, we let ourselves be carried by these heavy rhythms flirting with punk and pop. Pure pleasure!


- After the rain - Comin' down - Marseilles - Shadow Boxer - Can't Shake It - Am I Never Gonna See You - Waiting For The World - Take A Long Line - No Exit

Deaf Blockes, stoner band, with Seb Alaise on vocals and guitar, Olivier on guitar, Pierre Rouland on bass and Stéphane Carpentier on drums in the second part of the evening. RdvROCK had attended a live of Deaf Blockes at the Tribal Fest 2019. Two years later, we are delighted to see the rise of the band, which has acquired over time more maturity in its technique.  The energy is at the rendezvous and spreads in the audience, very receptive to this electric atmosphere of the combo, which slams its fury and its desire to give always more, always better.  


- One Season - Let Get It Rock - Out Of My Screen - Rottin My Brain - Preacher-Man - Sly Keeper - Tired Of - Gardenia - Run - The Message - Death Row

The evening ends with the LGG (Les Grandes Gueules), tribute Trust, with Fabrice Zip Miguet on vocals, Raf on bass, Brunox and Diablo on guitar and Nicolas Mancel on drums, that we know well for having seen them on several occasions.  The show is always so dynamic and revitalizing. It's great to hear these protest messages, unfortunately so topical. When I hear Zip sing, I always have the same impression of being in the presence of Bernie as the similarity of the vocal signature between the two men is eloquent. Loris, (Zip's son, 13 years old) came to help Brunox and Diablo for the last 2 tracks. A great little guy, who didn't let himself be beaten and played brilliantly. Alan from Blah Blah took the stage for Antisocial and sang this Trust hit in English with the LGGs, which was taken up by the audience. If the audience was burning with enthusiasm, the LGG set it on fire.   


- Passe - Au nom de la race - Toujours pas une tune - Instinct de mort - Mr Comédie - Misère - Le Mitard - Sors tes griffes - Palace - Bosser 8 heures - Préfabriqués - Fatalité - L'élite - Police Milice - Antisocial

June 26 evening 

H-TAG has the delicate mission of opening the 2nd session of the Well-Fest. With Cendrine Lefèvre on vocals, Emmanuel Mallein on guitar, Sylvain Daurat on bass and Stéphane Carpentier on drums, the cover band will serve us a first part of a rather disco/R&B set, and will then tackle pop and rock standards. Very active on the local scene, the combo performs with mastery and ease the 13 tracks of its set. Cendrine, always resplendent and happy to ensure the show, will return to sing with Seb Alaise and other artists, at the end of the evening during the 2 sessions of the Well-Fest.


- Act Like You Know - Le Freak - Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - Fresh - Love Is All - Born To Be Alive - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) - Don't Go - Seven Nation Army - Adventure Of A Lifetime - Easy Lover - Heavy Cross - Message In A Bottle

With a first EP of 4 tracks, Life, released in December 2020, the band, No End Date, with Pierre on bass, Julien on guitar and vocals, Nono on drums and Greg on guitar, throws us a setlist displaying no less than 11 songs including 8 new compositions. The confinement doesn't seem to have prevented them from working, quite the contrary. They have enough material for their future album, due at the end of the year. On stage, the combo seems to have fully realized its potential and ensures, delivering more energetic novelties, affirming a more grunge style, with intensity and determination. No End Date will perform throughout the department this summer until October 20. 


- Mid-life crisis - Yesterday - Superman - Dance till I die - Rock Star - Let me in - Hate Sleeping alone - I lost my head - The night comes - Help - Ghost are haunting my head 

Preparation H is the live show with Seb Alaise on bass and backing vocals, Matt on guitar, trombone and backing vocals, François on trumpet and backing vocals, Jean-Chris on guitar, Stéphane on drums, Alexandre on vocals and the 2 entertainers : Lola and Jean-jean. Once again, the show with the buffoonish theatricality that we know them.  A faithful audience is in front of the stage to not miss anything of the delirium of the group and to vibrate on the catchy music of their compositions all more delirious the ones than the others and exalted by the presence of the horns.  During the live performance, Alexandre tried his hand at bel canto by singing Andrea Bocelli's Con te partiro, demonstrating his beautiful and solid vocal qualities; a song dedicated to Lola whose birthday it was.  With Preparation H, we enter with pleasure in this musical world tour ska, punk, mixed.  


- Mexico - NCC - Con de Punk - Relax - King of the jungle - My name is nobody - Rock Fest - Bali Balo - Viva Espana - Zéro en math - Michaël Bulgakov - J'arrête de boire - Venez danser le ska - Paris Barbès - Derrick - Rambo

A finale carried by the Bitch Boyz, a group of electro pop and new wave compositions and covers, with Seb Alaise on vocals, Olivier François on guitar and Christophe Lorentz on keyboard. Dressed with a blonde wig, skirt and bra, Seb looks like an old bitch on the comeback, while Christophe hides behind a red wrestler mask. The trio will play pop and new wave standards, regularly joined by artists present, to accompany them, in a relaxed and crazy atmosphere of end of festival.  

A big bravo to all the protagonists of this beautiful festival (Seb, the musicians, the sound engineers, the staff of the Attrait Mousse) and the public which was with the appointment and very participative. We were told that there would be a 2nd edition of the Well-Fest this fall. If you want to know more, listen to Seb's interview in the Well-Fest video.

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Angel For A Day, tribute Angel City
Deaf Blockes
LGG (Les Grandes Gueules), tribute Trust
No End Date
Preparation H
Bitch Boyz

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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