Akiavel at Altherax, November 20, 2021

Akiavel at Altherax, November 20, 2021

Akiavel is a Death Metal band, from the Var, formed in 2018, with Chris on guitar, Jay on bass, Auré on vocals, and Butch on drums.

After a 1st album 'V', in February 2020, a new opus 'Vae Victis' was released in April 2021. Akiavel made its first appearance at the Hellfest Off festival in Clisson in June 2019 and shared the stage with Stéphane Buriez from Loudblast.

A completely insane entrance with 'The Witness'. We are absorbed in an incredible turmoil. The growl and scream techniques of Auré are perfect. Moreover, she goes from one to the other without difficulty. As far as growl is concerned, she has nothing to envy to Alissa White-Gluz (singer of Arch Enemy). The guitar throws a dark melodic riff, while the rhythmic spreads a heavy and percussive dynamic. Bind Torture Kill' offers a ferocious instrumentation, distilling a tragic atmosphere. Aurea displays a demonic presence. Unquestionably, she is the black magician, strong of her power, hateful and vengeful. With her schoolgirl hair, she reminds me of the perfidious heroine of the movie 'Esther'. With 'My Lazy Doll', the atmosphere remains stifling, full of dark promises. The variations of tempo, allied to a remarkable speed of execution, on 'Mommy', are very successful, as well as on 'Zombie', on which Chris delivers a bewitching melodic death flight, consolidated by a relentless and oppressing rhythmic. Before performing 'Kind of Requiem', Aurea repeatedly stamps her foot on the floor and flashes her most devious smile. However, for the first time during the song, as the music becomes quieter, giving way to a melancholy melody, Aure crouches down and puts a knee on the stage and whispers. There is an almost tragic quality to it. Does the monster have remorse? Does he feel the weight of the loneliness caused by his condition? But the doubt is quickly swept away. She has chosen her side and she will assume it, with determination. The instrumental brutality took back its rights and carries away everything like a whirlwind. Auré asks the audience if they know Richard Ramirez. This American serial killer had drawn pentacles on the palms of his hands and believed to be a demon. Pentagram Tatoo' is thus announced. The riffs are sharp, merciless and biting, on an impetuous and unbridled rhythm. For the last title, 'Frozen Beauties', the 2 joined hands, in withdrawal behind Chris, Auré waits for its moment, like the predator its prey. A scathing musicality, nimbed of a virtuosity of an intense blackness, until freezing us the blood comes to embrace us. In front of the insistent acclamations of the public to continue the show, Akiavel will choose to interpret 'The Lady Of Death'. An excellent final with this song which suits marvelously to the performance of Auré, remarkable of theatricality, throughout the live. Without any artifice, she knew how to embody this Lady of Death and become a new muse in the international sphere of melodic death metal, supported by a trio of high-flying musicians. 

Without resorting to any Machiavellian stratagem, Akiavel imposes itself by its universe of an extreme darkness, by creating powerful, structured and technically mastered tracks. 

Setlist :
- The Witness
- My Lazy Doll
- Mommy
- Zombie
- Comrade
- Kind of Requiem
- Pentagram Tatoo
- Frozen Beauties
- The Lady Of Death

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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