Backstrokers at Altherax, September 24th, 2021

Nice is Burning Festival - Altherax - September 24 & 25, 2021

Formed in late 2019, the Marseilles-based Backstrokers with Karim on vocals, Julien on guitar, Clement on bass and Laurent on drums delivered compositions in the vein of the great nu metal bands.

From the 1st song, Layers of Confusion, we have a glimpse of Karim's beautiful vocal qualities. Oscillating between clear and growl vocals, Karim manages with efficiency the transition from one to the other. He is also able to go very low in the bass, which gives more depth to his vocal rendition. The intensity that he shows during his interpretation adds to all the dispositions stated before. His stage performance and his desire to share with the audience during his interventions between songs reinforce this presence and beyond that of the group. Thus during the set, he will ask the audience to participate and to headbang, will thank Christophe of the band Deceates and organizer of the Nice Is Burning Festival to have invited them to perform on the stage of the Altherax in Nice. We will also learn that 'Sekhmet' evokes the revolutions in the Arab world, 10 years ago (reference to the Arab Spring). There is a good balance between soft and heavy on 'Count 2 3', while the tone becomes harder on 'Brand New Plight', a track in which the influence of Korn is felt. A special mention to 'Collecting Dust', my favorite song of the live show: the bass line is original and the guitar is heavy. The songs follow one another offering their moments of grace and raw energy until the finale, with 'Genemesis' powerful and furious. 

The Backstrokers hit hard! I'm even more impressed with their performance since I know that the band has only been around since late 2019, that they've done very few shows since their formation due to the health crisis. Nevertheless, they already have many songs in stock and certainly, a lot of rehearsal work. We feel they are very sure of themselves and the quality is there. An album is in preparation for the beginning of 2022 and I hope that the distributors will not miss it, because, alas, the talent does not always rhyme with the success. I am very confident about them and I wish them to go far, in backstroke or otherwise. To conclude, I am looking forward to the release of their first opus. 

Setlist :
- Layers of Confusion
- Count 2 3 
- Brand New Plight
- Collecting Dust
- #1
- Up Against The Wall
- Sekhmet
- Glasgow Scale
- The Vagabond
- Genemesis

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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