Deceates at Atherax, September 25, 2021

Nice Is Burning Festival

Deceates is a melodic black metal band from Nice, formed in 2019, with Stephanie on vocals, Cyril on lead guitar and backing vocals, Christophe on guitar, from Christian on bass and Franck on drums.

Their first 9-track album, Ex Nihilo Lux, was released in October 2020; we had reviewed it (find the review here). Deceates is also the organizer of the Nice Is Burning Festival during which, the band will realize the ninth and penultimate live. 

50 seconds of an introduction similar, but less complete, to the one found on their album (which is 1:29) and which is the first of the 9 tracks: 'Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet'. Polyphonic chants, screams and 3 gunshots to conclude this entry into the post-apocalyptic universe of Deceates. The blast beats, on 'Gone Away', unload their machine guns, implacable, like the merciless killer. If there is a short moment of respite, it is to better announce the inexorable fatal outcome. The title is followed by 'Rage'. The permanent growl and the screams of Stephanie are an indomitable tide that falls like the exterminating angel. The guitars swing their sharp riffs while the melodic solo exhales an epic breath in the middle of this black darkness. Stéphanie expresses her joy to be there and to have been able to organize the festival. A few notes on the xylophone, the tinkling of a bell, a siren, and the fury resumes. Remarkable rises in power for 'Time' on which, Stéphanie is seconded by Cyril on the chorus. The solos illuminate this twilight opus. Apocalypsis' is one of the two tracks with 'Pandemonium' that are not part of the album Ex Nihilo Lux. The play of the lights projected in stroboscope comes to support the instrumental unleashing unless it is about the one of the elements as announced by the gospels. Realize' imposes itself by its seizing efficiency, when 'Through The Hate' asserts itself by a more complex construction and finally, 'Armageddon' proposes an explosive final.

The post-apocalyptic universe of Deceates is inexorably torn from the darkness in which it drinks and draws its inspiration. Some melodic incursions let us think that from this chaos, light can emerge. It is clear that the band has created a solid identity and is ready to face bigger stages. Since the festival, we have learned that Christian has left the band. Deceates is looking for a new bass player and we hope the band will find a replacement.      

Setlist : 
- Gone Away
- Rage
- Travelers In Time
- Apocalypsis
- Realize
- Through The Hate
- Pandemonium
- Armageddon

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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