DeViaTe at Altherax, February 25, 2022

DeViaTe at Altherax, February 25, 2022

DeViaTe delivers with brio all the richness of a collective and experimental work

At the crossroads of metal, post rock and progressive rock, DeViaTe was born in Nice, in 2018, with Philippe Sovieri on bass (also bassist of Ziggy's Band, Tribute to David Bowie), Fabrice Gouré on drums, Damien Soupizet on guitar (guitarist of Perfect Strangers, Tribute to Deep Purple), léo on keyboards and backing vocals and Maureen Deiss on vocals and as a lyricist.

DeViaTeMaureen has been in DeViaTe for 2 years and also performs in H.E.A.D.S., a rather folk oriented band (vocals and bodhràn). She has been a backing singer and sample director for Fantom (Tribute To Ghost) and a singer and lyricist for Voidsight, a Death/Black metal band.  A 1st 5-track Ep, Dev8, was released in 2019, with a slightly different lineup.

"Bringer of Death" is a solid, catchy track with a nice instrumental efficiency. The tension is palpable with "New Warrior." The guitar and rhythmic patterns contract, then expand, to intensify and condense the moment with force before the finale. The keyboard notes echo the dramatic scope of this track, on which Maureen comes to wedge clear vocals, growls and screams, exacerbating energy and darkness. I am quickly captured and carried away in the tormented universe of DeViaTe. "The Town" allows the keyboard to propose a famous melodic offensive interrupted by the guitar which imposes a break. Maureen's voice rings out, rising with power, until a few delicate notes are heard, while the orchestration resumes with vigor. "Revelation" is a pleasant revelation. The instruments take us on an incredible musical binge. Maureen flies over this unleashing with ease. Then, the calm returns. Maureen whispers the ultimate lyrics of this very successful 'Revelation'. It precedes "The Witch" with its strident introduction, relayed by the sustained rhythm of the four musicians. Leo provides the backing vocals: "I am The Witch". The bass and guitar solos and the tumultuous and anguishing rhythm of "Inner Peace" are in contradiction with the title of this song. "Leave me" offers some nice breaks and Maureen lets out some heartbreaking screams, accentuating the extreme sense of despair that emanates from it.

Showing a beautiful complicity, delivering solid melodic structures, neat arrangements, syncopated and well calibrated riffs, growls scattered with relevance and a wide voice, with a deep power, which is fully in harmony with a demanding music, DeViaTe reveals, throughout this live, the richness of this collective and experimental work. A 10 track album is in preparation and should be released this year. We will have to be patient. 

Setlist :

- Bringer Of Death
- New Warrior
- The Town
- Revelation
- The Witch
- Inner Peace
- Leave Me

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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