Drebean at Altherax, September 18th, 2021

An adrenaline rush for a live performance!

DrebeanDrebean, pop punk band from Nice, created in 2005, with Cédric, lead guitar and vocals, Tom on guitar and vocals, Chris on bass and Hervé on drums. We had the opportunity to see them in concert at the Altherax, August 14, 2020 and at Mean Cat Studio, November 17, 2020, in live streaming, after which, the band had granted us an interview.

The pleasure to see them again on the Altherax stage is intact, because the energy is present, bubbling even. A burst of adrenaline for an overexcited live. The titles parade drawing its influences in groups such as Blink 182, NOFX or Fenix Tx. The guitars crunch and throw us sharp riffs. Always as percussive as ever in terms of rhythm, their compositions pour out their fiery rhythm, which takes us in their wake, supported by an efficient vocal and back vocal. We surf on a wave of beneficial carefreeness. Their melodies are always so catchy like 'Addict Ass', 'Not Your Song', 'Sasha Grey'. Some will not let you go soon.

- Addict Ass
- Hell F
- Before The 6
- Sasha Grey
- All the Small Things
- Let Her To His Hell
- Same Song
- Charlie Sheen
- Sell Out
- Sorry 48
- Not Your Song
- My Musical Bromance

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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