Korrigan at Altherax, July 17th, 2021

Korrigan at Altherax, July 17th, 2021

Korrigan, an original creation by Philippe Casetti

A magical, experimental and poetic rock opera

Korrigan, a rock opera by Philippe Casetti, on the theme of the korrigans, creatures from Celtic legends that are so popular in Breton folklore, is the first to appear on the Altherax stage. Philippe on the keyboard is accompanied by Cathia La Rubia on vocals, Alexandre Pulitano on bass and Arno Arnoise on drums. Cathia replaced Magali, the singer of Korrigan, who was unable to perform.

The stage performance could not be realized, because it requires complicated logistics (sets), and extras. I was lucky enough to be a spectator of a live performance of Korrigan in 2018 at the Sun City in Sophia Antipolis where the scenic realization had been possible. If it did indeed bring an extra dimension to the work, the musical interpretation offered to the Altherax audience is not diminished for all that. Cathia provides the vocals, including some bold lyrical parts. Her limpid and ample voice is superimposed with accuracy on the music. Philippe is riveted to his keyboard. He is one with his instrument. Hypnotic, we see him move, we feel him vibrate, entirely devoted to the interpretation of his imagination. The composer has used musical and acoustic experiments to impregnate his work with a magical energy and give life to these goblins. We are embarked in the dream of the Korrigan. The structure of this original creation remains the same throughout the different shows. However, Philippe teaches us that it is not fixed and that during the live performances, the musicians allow themselves the opportunity to prolong a musical moment, to modify the initial interpretation. This possibility reminds us that creation is based on the freedom of expression according to the feeling, the desire, the moment. The group offered us a live rock ardent and rhythmic, imbued with poetry, punctuated with metal flashes. I will leave with regret the dream of the Korrigan. I would have liked it to continue.

Setlist :
- Intro - Le rêve - La réponse - Le passé - Face à la mort - Lueur de l'aube - Sentence - Son âme perdue

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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