Leipzig at Altherax, September 24, 2021

Nice is Burning Festival - Altherax - September 24 & 25, 2021

Formed in 2018, Leipzig, with Enzo on vocals, Morgan on guitar, Arthur on bass and Maelan on drums, released their first EP 'MEDIA BUTT FUCK', in September 2021. From thrash metal to fusion of styles, they dare, evolve, and they have not finished surpri

LeipzigA very rock/blues metal start in the line of the bands of the 70's such as Blue Öyster Cult and which will continue with 'La Thrashade', heavy metal title on which Enzo throws lyrics in French (contrary to all the other songs which are in English language), and on which, Arthur will produce a pretty bass line.  Screams and rough vocals on 'Warm Evening'. The drums become hectic and spread their blast beats with a devouring intensity. The guitar spills out in hard mode and the bass lines up some heavy chords. The two musicians each perform their solos to better join each other in a stimulating instrumental duel, before a more thrashy reprise. I will learn that they leave themselves the opportunity to improvise on the solos. They are right. Enzo dedicates 'Shellshocked' to Theo, the second guitarist of Leipzig who left the band. The rhythm is extremely fast and we are literally caught. I feel like I'm in a speeding car on the highway. The riffs are melodic while being ultra-fast and supported by a furious rhythmic. However, far from having reached its limit, Leipzig continues with ever more instrumental vivacity. A fan will go up on the stage, to sing with Enzo, the chorus of 'Media Butt Fuck'. A beautiful bass prelude on 'Toothbreaker' and an intense guitar solo on 'Got To Escape'. Changes of pace, and a captivating blues rock register for 'Honeymoon Blues'.

I am pleasantly surprised by the musical shift that has taken place in Leipzig, which I knew to be a thrash metal band and that the team of RdvROCK had discovered from 2019. This change of direction may confuse their audience. Nevertheless, this opening to other genres is, in my opinion, an excellent option because the result is pleasant. The musicians have progressed a lot in their performances. This fusion between blues, hard, heavy and psychedelic allows them to access a greater creativity in their instrumental play, and the opportunity to give free rein to their thirst for artistic expression, without locking themselves definitively in a style. With an average age of 20, they are at the very beginning of their career, even if they have already played a few gigs. They are full of talent, confidence and we feel that they want to give more and better. To be continued...

Setlist :
- Lysergic Paralysis
- La Thrashade
- Warm Evening
- Shellshocked
- Media Butt Fuck
- Toothbreaker
- Got To Escape
- Honeymoon Blues

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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