Mind Imperium at Altherax, November 20, 2021

Mind Imperium is an ambient groove metal band, created in 2013 and originating from Lyon, with Nogh (ex-OBNOXIOUS, DEATH OF A DRYAD) on vocals and guitar, Carol (ex-NECROBLASPHEME, DEATH OF A DRYAD) on bass and backing vocals and Fabien (PAICAN) on drums and backing vocals.

Mind Imperium
After a 1st EP, 6 tracks, 'Amongst The Ruins', in 2014, Mind Imperium releases: 'Way to Carcosa', an album including 11 songs in 2018. A new opus, 'Nemesis', is announced for 2022. 

The room is plunged into darkness. A music rises, soft and disturbing at the same time. The tempo is marked by a constant crystalline note, as if to signify the ineluctable passage of time. Whispers from beyond the grave can be heard. The orchestration intensifies for a few moments then the band reveals itself and takes over. The beautiful part is left to the drummer who ensures tasty sequences during this intro. Nogh's clear vocals sound darkly serious, seconded by Carol, before he starts on a more rocky, almost growled tone, with a nervous change of pace, covered by a very effective rhythmic. On 'Fragmented' and 'Nemesis', the blast-beats are very present, the riffs leaded, the energy thrash. Same for 'Eventide', but more syncopated. After announcing that this is their first live in Nice, although it has already passed in the south of France and in particular at the Monster's Art in Frejus and Nogh takes the opportunity to thank Samantha of Black Keys Production, organizer of the evening, then it will be the turn of the Altherax. Untamed' offers beautiful melodic flights. Spoken phrases of Nogh, taken over by Carol or in duet on the slow part, the vocal is screamed on the fast sections. We have the impression that Nogh throws all his guts into it, showing all the strength of his determination. Moreover, he will tell us that this track is in favor of the protection of the wolves, in partnership with their friends of Sea Shepherd as well as the following song 'A War Without End', on which they collaborated for the realization of the clip which denounces the Grindadràp, thus putting forward the engagement of the group for the environmental and animal cause. It was important to underline it. A War Without End' does indeed feel like a belligerent quest and features unexpected and fiery rhythmic reversals of incredible strength. Nogh will invite anyone who wants to come on stage and handbang with the band. 4 spectators will join them for a while. Burning', usually performed by Lenos, the singer of Aeon Patronist, is taken up with enthusiasm.            
After a sustained recall of the public, the musicians take back their instruments. And it's not a coincidence that Mind Imperium ends this live with Refuge/Resist by Sepultura. 

The combo shows beautiful technical qualities (it should be noted that Carol plays on a fretless), and knew to create powerful titles, adorned with a successful melodic eloquence, inspired by generous convictions.

- Divine
- Fragmented
- Nemesis
- Eventide
- Untamed
- War Without End
- Burning
- Refuse/Resist from Sepultura
Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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