Mr FisT at the Altherax, September 18, 2021

'Mr FisT is all you need'!

Mr FisT
Formed in 2013, with Michel Seassau on vocals and guitar, Titi Chapacan on bass, Oz Muss on guitar and Stephane on drums, Mr FisT begins his live set with the credits from the causticly humorous American sitcom Malcolm. Enough to put us in the mood and set the tone.

Thus, after a 1st EP in 2014 of 6 tracks, Now or Never and a 4 track EP, Mr FisT... Is All You Need, in 2017, the punk rock band does not lack humor as its satirical foray into the musical world of disco with the track Unga Bunga: 'Move your body' and to recall in passing 'Mr FisT is all you need' or experiment a touch of folklore in the background with accordion on 'Time To Wake Up'. Cedrick Andmorthy from Drebean band came on stage to sing with Michel and they shared a good moment of complicity. Mr FisT does not lack style and power: incandescent guitar solos like on 'Let's Go' or 'Now Or Never', frenetic and hectic rhythms with 'Cross - Stitch' or 'This Head Is Haunted'. The voice is nervous, the flow fast and perfectly adapted to the instrumental fever, with a good support of the chorus. Songs made for live, with an unbridled madness, and which give the desire to twist in all directions. I will not contradict them when they sing: 'Mr FisT is all you need'.

- Miami, Hawaii or L.A.
- Let's Go!
- Now or Never
- This Head Is Haunted
- Cross - Stitch
- Time To Wake Up
- My 6th Floor Neighboors
- Who Put The Bomb
- Kokoro - Unga Bunga
- I Wish I Was
- Loving Motherland

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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