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Le Festival Nice Is Burning a

An eclectic metal program for 2 days of hot live performances on the Altherax stage in Nice

Backstrokers Deceates Hellixxir Leipzig Marie Antoinette Porno Graphic Messiah Ritualis Sleazyz The Midinettes TiwazThe Nice Is Burning Festival could have remained a project. Deprogrammed on 2 successive occasions because of the health crisis, it finally took place on September 24 and 25 thanks to the determination of its organizer: Christophe Coincoin of the band Deceates.

10 groups followed one another on the stage of Altherax at a rate of 5 per evening. An eclectic program with stoner, metal on a wide range of sub-genre: from industrial, to dark, death, black, melodic, thrash, heavy, and neo, but also proposing groups in the making and bands of national scope and beyond our hexagonal borders.

The public was there to enjoy the show. We hope that all the conditions will be favorable for a new edition in 2022.
Find all the live reports, photo galleries and videos for each of these 10 bands:

September 24

- Backstrokers
- Leipzig
- Marie Antoinette
- Sleazyz
- Porno Graphic Messiah 

September 25

- The Midinettes
- Tiwaz
- Ritualis
- Deceates
- Hellixxir 

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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PGM, Nice is Burning Festival


Nice Is Burning Festival

Tiwaz, Nice is Burning Festival


Nice Is Burning Festival


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