Papa Furax at the Altherax, September 18, 2021

The Fury of the Daron is in them and the Fire of his breath has set the Altherax on fire!

Papa Furax with Cheurtra on vocals, Antho on drums, Karim on bass, Ticule and Patros on guitar will perform tracks from their previous EPs (the 6-track EP, Panjandrum released in 2019 and the 4-track EP, Le Feu, in 2020 that we reviewed) as well as the 4 tracks from their new opus: La Fureur du Daron, which will be released and will be available for free download on their Spotify platform. Subscribe now on their Facebook page to receive their news. The last two EPs are self-produced, mixed and mastered by Patros, Mean Cat Studio's sound engineer, who joined the band's line-up after recording 'Le Feu'.

With a verve that is always well placed and in the same crazy vein, their lyrics, declaimed in French (as if it was possible to make good metal without having to use English), are always as striking 'Oeil pour Oeil', As a bomb', sharp criticisms of our society and our way of life, such as 'Zéros sociaux' or '1234', without taking the head, with a good dose of irony and poetry, the whole coated in a metal rap - fusion, fiery and tasty. They are happy to be there and they show it. It's an outpouring of jubilant energy, like a thumb in the face of the health crisis that has kept them away from the stage. The Fury of the Dragon is in them and the Fire of their breath has set the Altherax audience on fire.

- Vladivostok
- Cocotte minute
- Xylocéphale
- Increvable
- Clic Clac
- Comme une bombe
- Zéros sociaux
- Oeil pour Oeil
- Moshpit
- 1234

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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