Park In Son at Monster\'s Art, Novembre 19, 2021

Park In Son at Monster's Art, Novembre 19, 2021

Monster Unleached event

With Yann on rhythm guitar, Gaby on lead guitar, Gaëtan on bass (he is also a singer and musician in Freddy's), all 3 of them singing, and Antho on drums, Park In Son is a punk rock band from Antibes.

Park in Son
ParK In Son was formed in 2015, and more precisely, on April 1st! Is it a coincidence? From them, I doubt it. Certainly a nice foot of nose! 
After a 1st album of 5 tracks, 'En attendant les autres', released on June 8th, 2019, the combo is preparing a new opus which should see the light of day during the 1st semester of 2022.

They have chosen their name well, these 4 merry men, because they are struck by a permanent restlessness, unless they are really affected by parkinson (I know, it was easy!). They are just won by the virus of euphoric madness and it's totally contagious. The particularity of this band is to have 3 singers. They will sing in turn or at the same time adding to the already very energetic dynamic of the band. 2 clear voices, at the top of their lungs for Yann and Gaby and screaming with all their guts for Gaëtan. The strings of the guitars and the bass vibrate at a frantic rate, badly handled by the frenzy of the 3 musicians. Antho is not in rest and does not spare his drums. Between the songs, we have the right to humor from the 3 singers and it's good to hear them joking and amusing us. Because, it is indeed about that. Not to take the head and to make fun, and all this, with humility and brilliance. Even if the lyrics are not always understandable because of the speed of the flow, there are some that are easy to understand and that make sense, impertinent criticisms of our societal system and our way of life.   

With Park In Son, expect to have a good time, on a frenzied rhythm.  

Setlist :
- Vaisselle dentelle
- Alcoologie assertive
- Café, clope, roulette russe
- Mort/vivant (et non le tube)
- La reggae 
- Polémique canapé
- Sale temps pour les gros
- Addiction
- Jojo
- Fausse bonne idée
- Lorenzo
- 49.3

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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