Rock Fest 1 Max De Bruit, August 26, 27 and 28, Nice Théâtre de Verdure

8th edition of the festival

After 2 years of interruption because of sanitary crisis and under the impulse of the association 1 Max De Bruit, organizer of the event, the festival made its great return.

Aerobirds 98 Balls Out dez:in:volt Fat Lizzy Frag Dog Frau Fleischer Band Karoline Les Crevettes Noires LGG Les Grandes Gueules New Jersey Oversteam Preparation H Respect, tribute Aretha Franklin South Country Companions Squealers

The Rock Fest 1 Max De Bruit took place over 3 days: August 26, 27 and 28 at the Théâtre de Verdure in Nice, under the leadership of the association 1 Max De Bruit, organizer of the event. 

A new page of the Rock Fest 1 Max De Bruit closed. An 8th chapter that can be described as professional and talented, but it goes far beyond. Indeed, this festive musical event is characterized by its charitable mission, with the vocation to collect funds. The profits are used to finance actions in favor of children in fragile situations. Consequently, all the people involved, whether on stage, backstage, technical, logistical, on the stands or in security, are volunteers. 

Driven by a common objective and under the impulse of the president of the association 1 Max De Bruit, Fabrice Miguet, all had in heart to work so that this new edition is held, after 2 years of interruption because of sanitary crisis, and a postponement (the festival had to take place at the beginning of May and was postponed at the end of August for a soccer final to be played in Nice) As Fabrice Miguet explains in the interview he gave us, this festival required more than a year of preparation because of the cancellations and the postponement, with an organization that had to be rethought in 3 months. Thanks to the powerful motivation of the association which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary, it is a total success with the programming of 16 concerts on the 3 evenings. This year, the profits generated by the entries were transferred to the association "Autisme PACA". Thanks to the participation of the public, a check of 10 000 euros will be given to Jean-Marc Bonifay, president and founder of Autisme PACA. We had the opportunity to interview volunteers who spoke to us with great humility and kindness about their activity during the festival and the charitable mission of the association. 
We had the opportunity to interview Norbert Krief, the godfather of the association and his wife, and to see the strength of his commitment to this noble cause.  Involved in playing alongside artists during their live shows, the Trust guitarist wanted to get more involved by creating a tribute and performing there. Thus, he chose to interpret Jeff Beck's songs with the help of musicians from the Côte d'Azur and with the participation of Cathy Krief on piano and vocals on some songs in a duet with Krees Moretti, from the group Fox. Only one real rehearsal between the different participants was carried out and the success of this tribute to the guitarist of genius and legend, Jeff Beck, was only possible thanks to the incredible talent of these artists.  

During a change of stage, a moving tribute was paid to the musician friends who died during the year Michel Marro, Eric Bouillette, Philippe Marci and Philippe Caillet, proof that the heart of rockers does not forget its own. 

The festival offered the opportunity to 5 local bands to perform on the stage of the mythical Théâtre de Verdure, which has received giants of music such as Prince, ACDC, Clash or Iron Maiden:
- Preparation H, rock/ska band with its 6 musicians, its singer and its 2 performers, unleashed the public with its titles and its festive and shifted performances. 
- Frau Fleischer, dark metal industrial trio initially, had to face the departure of their singer 6 months before their live. For this live duet, the two artists have created new songs and reworked their other tracks. We congratulate them because they have taken up this challenge with brio. By November 2021, the band had released an album When the Sun's Down and a single in April: Shinning Star. 
- Balls Out, founded in 2016, has been formidable in its aggression and punch. The hard rock band released an EP "Too Big, To Handle" in 2018, an album "Let Me In (I Know Someone Inside" in 2019 and an EP "Get Dirty" in 2021, the 1st volume of a trilogy whose 2nd opus should be released before the end of 2022. 
- Karoline, a hard rock band, founded in 1980, which performed as an opening act on some AC/DC live shows (nothing else!), with Serge Tafini (who is also a singer in Squealers, tribute to ACDC), Christian Borello, Vince Bomm & Jef Cast. Only Serge remains from the original line-up.
- The Black Shrimp served us a well structured and punchy rock metal. The band exists since 1998 with many line-up changes. Although they don't have an album to their credit yet, the potential is there. We hope that they will take the plunge quickly.

During these 3 days among the volunteers of the Rock Fest, with Laurent, we measured the incredible efficiency of this prodigious human machine deployed to guarantee an irreproachable quality during the concerts and a warm welcome of the musicians and the public.

We lived an intense experience of life in emotions that it is by :
- the excellent level of the performances of all these artists anxious to give the best of themselves and of the technicians engaged at their sides, 
- the warm welcome we received during the whole festival, 
- the generosity and the solidarity shown by the members and the volunteers of the association 1 Max De Bruit.

A great source of inspiration and talent!

Friday August 26th (find the video of the evening) :
- Preparation H: group this festive rock compos with Spinoza Baruch, Stéphane Carpentier, Seb Alaise, Lola Lalilola, Jean Jean, Chriss Cat, François Kreutz & Matthijs Warnaar. 
- Oversteam, tribute to Led Zeppelin with Lionel Dugas, Laurent Busé, David Rey & Marc Barret.
- Squealers, tribute to ACDC with Serge Tafini, Pat Hammons, Alfredo Blanca, Frederic Allavena, Christian Borello, Loris Miguet & Norbert Krief
- Frag Dog, tribute to Shaka Ponk with Charly Frag Dogastyle, Audrey Vocalista, Lilly MamaRoach, Thomas Drums, Yohann Mzck, & Fab.
Evening of August 27 (find the video of the evening):
- Frau Fleischer with Greg Lambert & Franz Fleischer. 
- Balls Out with Pat Gioan, Yann Vautrin, Pierre Pizana & Sonny Micucci.
- dez:in:volt, tribute to Noir Désir with Pheel, Romain Teuma, Jean-De & Seb Alaise
- Fat Lizzy, tribute to Thin Lizzy with Alan Roberts, Bernie, JP Warm, Lionel Baldassare & Alan Hardman
- New Jersey, tribute to Bon Jovi with Krees Moretti, Jean Marchal, Pascal Bei, Pierre Favola and Jérôme
- Les Grandes Gueules (LGG), tribute to Trust with Fabrice Zip Miguet, Brunox, Nicolas Mancel, Raphael Mascarin & Olivier Suzzoni
- Karoline with Serge Tafini, Christian Borello, Vincent Antoine & Jeff Castaldi
Evening of August 28 (find the video of the evening) :
- Les Crevettes Noires (with Christophe Montava, Pierre Vancaemelbecke, Olivier Suzzoni & Emmanuel Palazzoli
- South Country Companions, Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd with Chris Whitesmith, Red Cloud, Fred Burst, Philippe Ian-Ian Avedissovitch, Calvin Rico, Frank Vaillon & Denis Lamarre
- RESPECT-tribute Aretha Franklin with Raphaël Denimal, Michel Thaon, Jean-paul Frankias, Eddie Moletto, Folco Barlucchi, Christophe Moriano, Nicolas Gouttefarde, Gilles Barosi, Nelly Berthier, Katiba, Julia Cenedese, Antoine Chambon & Séverine Denimal.
- Beck-Ola, tribute to Jeff Beck with Norbert Krief, guitarist of the band Trust, Christian Grassart on drums, Stéphane Bertrand on bass, Paul Perotto on keyboards, Krees Moretti on vocals and Cathy Krief, on piano.     
- Aerobirds, tribute to Aerosmith with Krees Moretti, Alfredo Blanca, Denis Malek and Fabrizio Morabito. 

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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