RockFest, Festival 1 MDB - Altherax, October 23 & 24, 2020

Sharing, Talent, Generosity, and Joy are the keywords!

4 Horsemen Balls Out dez:in:volt Frag Dog In Bloom LGG Les Grandes Gueules Squealers

This mini RockFest 2020 is co-organized by the association 1 MDB and Altherax Music. The RockFest of the Alpes Maritimes, which was supposed to take place in May, had been cancelled due to the restrictions linked to the Covid 19. Postponed in July, it was once again prohibited. In the absence of authorization, a festival was scheduled for October 23 and 24. However, new governmental directives imposed by the health crisis and intervened the day before the event obliged the organizers to react urgently to adapt to these constraints. In agreement with the Altherax staff, the bands and the technicians, the Saturday live shows were reduced to 3 (instead of the 4 initially planned) and, advanced to the afternoon in order to respect the curfew.

Friday, October 23, 2020

The 1st evening started on the stage of the Altherax with Balls out. Only band of composers of the festival, the combo has the honor to open the festivities. The 4 musicians with Pat, on bass and vocals, Yann and Sonny, on guitar and backing vocals, and Pierre, on drums, offered us a good heavy sound! Sweating their desire to play, they captivated the audience and projected the power of their groove, with a muscular and efficient playing. Pat Gioan's rocky voice is impressive in its strength and never wavers in intensity. Showing a strong identity, Balls out played their set injecting us with a good dose of hard rock. A set of 10 songs with at the end of the show, the title Balls out, just to remind us who they are. But that, we are not ready to forget it! It was a real pleasure to hear them again and to see them assert themselves more and more.
Set list : 1 - Back To Real / 2 - Wet and Late / 3 - Let Me In / 4 - Morning Hard / 5 - Bad Wolf / 6 - Get Dirty / 7 - It's Only Rock 'N' Roll / 8 - Hurricane / 9 - Drumstick Sucker / 10 - Balls Out

[dez:in:volt], a Noir Désir tribute, with Pheel on vocals and guitar, Jean-De on guitar, Alain on bass and Romain on drums, is getting ready. We discovered them last July (Read the live report). A start with Fin de siècle and shortened songs to give even more of the Noir Dez repertoire to hear. Their stage performance was just as successful as the previous one. They have a lot of energy; the incandescent rhythmic and the wild guitars make us feel like we're on the spot. Pheel sings with all his guts, with an almost fervor, unfolding the texts with multiple metaphors. The emotion is palpable and the public is conquered. 
Set list : 1 - Fin de siècle / 2 - Ici Paris / 3 - Pictures of Yourself - What I need / 4 - L'homme pressé / 5 - No No No / 6 - Les écorchés / 7 - Sober Song - La chaleur - Oublié / 8 - La chanson de la main - Tostaky / 11 - Comme elle vient

Frag Dog, tribute to the electro rock band Shaka Ponk, with Audrey Vocalista and Charly Frag Dog on vocals, Fab Grf on guitar, Yohann Mzck on bass, Lilly on keyboard and vocals and Thomas Drums on drums, perform an unbridled show, distilling their madness, multiplying the facetiousness and the absolutely delirious games of scene. It's a real show where the talents of these 6 accomplished artists are brilliantly expressed. The pleasure is identical to each of their appearances (Read the live report) and never weakens so much it is jubilant to find them. They made an impeccable show and closed the 1st evening by leaving us stunned.
Set list : 1 - Twisted Mind / 2 - Shiza Radio / 3 - Let's Bang / 4 - Killing Hallelujah / 5 - Wanna Get Free / 6 - Picky / 7 - Morir cantando

Saturday, October 24, 2020

The 4 Horsemen Metallica tribute started their live show with a sequence of Ecstasy of Gold, which was originally a soundtrack from the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, composed by the brilliant Ennio Morricone and regularly used by the American thrash and heavy metal band. Composed of Jerome, rhythm guitarist and singer, Marco, guitarist soloist, Arthur, bassist and chorus and Maelan, drummer, the band offers us a soft introduction before the thundering Creeping Death, on which the famous "Die! "will be chanted at the top of their lungs and taken up by a delighted audience. Newcomers to this tribute, Arthur and Maelan, both musicians in the metal band Leipzig Thrash, took up the challenge perfectly. Marco played the solos with his usual ease and Jerome the harsh and furious vocals of James Hetfield.
Set list : 1 - Ecstasy of Gold / 2 - Creeping Death / 3 - Fuel / 4 - Master of Puppets / 5 - For Whom the Bell Tolls / 6 - Fade to Black / 7 - Sad but True / 8 - Seek & Destroy / 9 - 4 Horsemen

LGG (Les Grandes Gueules), tribute Trust, with Fabrice Zip Miguet on vocals, Raf on bass, Brunox and Diablo on guitar and Nico on drums, throw a raging Pass in our faces. Zip's voice is so similar to Bernie's that you could mistake it for his. The audience is immediately conquered by the energy of the musicians, who surf with a disconcerting ease on the standards of the best French hard rock band of the 80's, with a high and protesting verve. It's a good thing in these politically troubled times! Galvanized by the band's biting stage performance with its catchy riffs and aggressive rhythmic, the audience exults and intones the chorus of the mythical Antisocial, for which we will have the opportunity to hear some lyrics sung in English, by Alan Roberts, from Blah Blah, invited to take the stage alongside Zip. Incredible !
Set list : 1 - Passe / 2 - Au nom de la race / 3 - Instinct de mort / 4 - M. Comédie / 5 - Misère / 6 - Le mitard / 7 - Bosser 8h / 8 - Préfabriqués / 9 - Police milice / 10 - L'élite / 11 - Antisocial.

At the Squealers, ACDC tribute, with Serge on vocals, Tony on lead guitar, Patrice on rhythm guitar, Fred on bass, Christian on drums, it was a fitting conclusion to the festival. There was High Voltage in the air: an atmosphere electrified by the masterly vocal interpretation of Serge who has a voice out of the ordinary, the solos performed with virtuosity by Tony, an ultra-fast instrumentation, taking us in the wake of the legendary Australian band. After 8 tracks, the fateful curfew time approaches and the set must unfortunately be cut short. So the Squealers offered us a Let There Be Rock overjoyed, followed by a Highway to Hell just as unleashed, joined by Alan Roberts, Zip and Seb Alaise, for a final of madness, because it is necessary that to ward off the ambient gloom.
Set list : 1 - Live Wire / 2 - Shot Down in Flames / 3 - Hell ain't a Bad Place to Be / 4 - Sin City / 5 - Bad Boys Boogie / 6 - High Voltage / 7 - Kicked in the Teeth / 8 - Riff Raff / 9 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / 10 - Walk all over You / 11 - Let There Be Rock / 12 - Highway to Hell

Lots of headbangs, if not standing up, dancing, jumping and banging in the audience who responded and showed their real enthusiasm. The organization was impeccable despite the last minute difficulties, served by volunteers and bands hyper motivated and committed, not only for the love of music but also for loyalty to a just cause. Let's remember that the entrance fees will be used to finance the next RockFest, the profits of which will be entirely donated to associations that work in favor of children.

Sharing, talent, generosity and joy were the key words of this remarkable festival.
We were there and we will be back!

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy " Les Véritables "
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