Purple Dress, Divine Decadence\'s 1st single

Purple Dress, Divine Decadence's 1st single

Single and video release: May 26, 2022 on all platforms and on YouTube

Between evocation of genre film music and darkwave electro rock, the duo from Nice, Divine Decadence, distils a "retro underground" musical atmosphere inspired by thrillers, westerns and freak shows.

Divine DecadenceDivine Decadence is a darkwave rock-electro duo from Nice created by Sabrina and Tatiana. They met in Astrolab, a post-rock/shoegaze indie rock band. Sabrina has been a member for about fifteen years when Tatiana joined them in 2018. They discover that they share the same attraction for dark and melancholic atmospheres through their musical, cinematographic and artistic references.
It is the revelation of the connivance of their musical culture, from PJ Harvey to Sonic Youth through the Velvet Underground, The Cure and Massive Attack, that will give the two musicians the desire to develop their own project and to compose as a duo.
and to compose as a duo. Beyond their musical influences, it is a whole iconographic universe coming from underground culture, genre cinema and art history that feeds their imagination and their inspiration. The atmosphere of their compositions is a transposition of these references in a feeling which mixes at the same time guitars and aggressive electro sounds with soft melodies.

Divine Decadence is formed in 2020 thanks to the confinements as a symbiosis of their universes and their personalities. The band grows in March 2022 and welcomes Chris B. (Corpus Delicti) on bass and Chris D. on drums (Dead Fly Dance). Now a quartet, the band is preparing to perform on stage in 2023.

 On "Purple Dress", the voices unfold sensual and bewitching, on a background of synthesizer with a disturbing and soaring musicality, almost magnetic. The dissonant chords of more aggressive guitar come to disturb the charm, to finally plunge us back into it and subject us completely to the languor of its melodic and hypnotic rhythm. 

According to Divine Decadence, "You have to carry chaos inside you to be able to give birth to a dancing star". This maxim is very nicely put in music through Purple Dress. A very promising 1st opus !

Appointment in June is taken for the release of the 2nd single "Chaos In My Head" of Divine Decadence and in September for the 5 tracks EP.
Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy "Les Véritables"
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