Soleil noiR : back after 14 years of absence

Soleil noiR : back after 14 years of absence

Soleil noiR is a French alternative rock trio that mixes inspired lyrics with the bewitching sounds of the didgeridoo, traditional instrument of the Australian Aborigines.

Soleil noiRFrom 1994 to 2008, this band from St-Raphaël-Fréjus has played more than 1000 concerts with Mass Hysteria, No One Is Innocent and AqME, produced an album, several EPs and placed tracks on half a dozen hexagonal compilations, building a solid reputation in the South of France thanks to their electrifying stage performances.

After a too long radio silence, Dam (now living in Quebec), Seub and Niko decide that it's time to pick up where they left off. In 2020, the title "Ce qu'on sème" announces a possible reformation of the group. After a few appearances on stage in the summer of 2022 and new songs in their pockets, Soleil noiR is back, eager to share its contagious energy with the public again!

In 2023, new songs and concerts in France and Canada are scheduled.
Welcome to the unique universe of Soleil noiR!

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