Frau Fleischer joins the Sliptrick label

The ranks of Sliptrick Records have been bolstered:

International industrial group FRAU FLEISCHER joins Sliptrick

Frau Fleischer Band
Frau Fleischer (Madame la bouchère in French) is an incongruous name for a project that is just as incongruous. But let's put all this in the current context.
The present crisis having deprived us all of concerts, of work, each one has to find how to deceive the boredom, giving birth sometimes to projects which he would not have thought a few months earlier. Frau Fleischer is a child of this troubled period, a child who was born during the period between the two confinements...

One discussion leads to another, then ideas, exchanges, meetings...
A friend slips a word or two in the course of a drink about an atypical singer just arrived from his native Italy, then a desire to do something else.
And this project was born little by little, evolving with the ideas, the meetings, the artistic complicities and influences of each.

Franz SCHULTZ meets this singer about whom he has heard so much, a long discussion, a little music, some videos, a bottle of champagne and the first member of the group is found, it will be Gabriel Daimon.
He asks advice to VDREY with whom he has worked for many years, she recommends a guitarist she knows for a long time.
A few exchanges of emails, ideas and here is the group complete with the arrival of Greg Lambert.

A first draft of what will later become the title "Sacrifice", a few drinks and the name of FRAU FLEISCHER appears, starting point of a whole universe in full creation.

After the release of this one, the things accelerate for the group...
The label Sliptrick Records has a real blow of heart for this title and immediately proposes a signature in licence with marketing and distribution on a worldwide scale for an album envisaged in second part of year, Frau Fleischer joining by the same occasion the rooster of the tour operator Go Loud Agency for the future dates.
The group being in an idea of constant development, in addition to the endorsement of the guitarist by SP Custom, it is the manufacturer of plug in, Audio Assault which grants them its confidence at the beginning of March.

But this is only the beginning of the story...

The group is composed of : Gabriel Daimon - Vocals | Gregory Lambert - Guitar | Franz Schultz - Electronics

Article by Laurent RdvROCK
Biography provided by Frau Fleischer


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