On S'En Bat Les Couilles, the new track from Crazy Shit

A good remedy against gloom!

Crazy Shit
The Nice-based garage punk band, Crazy Shit, with Rico on vocals and bass, Lolo on drums and Gilou on guitar has released a new track: On S'En Bat Les Couilles. In this song, it is question of the governmental measures taken to counter the epidemic of covid 19 and for which, the group claims that it beats the balls.

The 3 musicians are as crazy as they want. As a proof, they declare loud and clear: "to make shit". To this, we can retort that it's good to listen to artists who don't take themselves seriously, to let themselves be embarked in their delirium to forget the ambient gloom by taking it the wrong way. Phew, it relaxes!

So if you are not afraid of being contaminated and catching a crazy shit, discover : On S'En Bat Les Couilles.

All their tracks are available for free on Sound cloud and on their playlist of RdvROCK.
The band is looking for one or two sexy, tattooed and punk girls to shoot in their next video. Notice to the candidates! (announcement to be found on the Fb group: Culture Rock 06 by RdvROCK and on the Fb page of Crazy Shit).

Article by Nathalie Bellesso
Author of the heroic fantasy trilogy " Les Véritables "
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